I'm dreaming of a white sand Christmas.

9:06 PM

My how our environment has changed since my last post... 

   We've exchanged the crisp white of the snow and ice and the thick layers and bundles of wool, sweaters, denim and fleece for the warm sun on our faces and that unmistakable "Florida smell".  You know, the smell of chlorine, sweat and coconut oil. I love it.

   Here I am, with the squinty-eyed birthday girl on the beach.  Our darling Jocelyn turned 3 today.  I can scarcely believe that 3 years ago today I was in the throes of labor pain and delivery to this little gem.  And what a contrast it was sharing today with her frolicking through the waves and sand, and opening her presents and giggling ecstatically about her birthday cake.  What a difference 3 years can make! And what a wonderful 3 years it was.

   But I will have to launch into all of that when I actually post pictures of our "Beachy Birthday" (because we went to the beach and also because we are staying with Randy's aunt and uncle, whose last name is Beachy. I just made a pun! I have been around Rick too long)  For now, just that one picture will have to do.  Closed eyes and all.

   But being in Florida and loving the sun and celebrating our little lady's 3rd are not even the point of this post.....

   Speaking of the Beachy's, Randy's cousin Joshua Beachy (pictured below) is a young man of some hidden (or not-so-hidden) talents, and two of those talents are videography and Legos. And when the two combine, well...it's always worth watching.


    But the real news is that this time one of his videos has been selected to participate in a contest for a prize of $2,000!! (one grand to take home, and one grand to the charity of your choice.)  He is sooo close to winning and he just needs some more votes!  So please take the time to click on this link to vote!  It's super easy and won't take long at all, it would mean a lot, and after all, it's Christmas. 

Here's the video:

You can find his other videos on Youtube by looking up "junitbeach".  Below is one of my favorites:

   It's the weekend everyone!  What are you doing to celebrate?  Me? Oh, probably going to the beach again tomorrow. 

It's a rough life, folks. 

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  1. I love Florida!! Have a wonderful time!!!

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