Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

2:41 PM

   No one's probably interested in what we did today...I'm sure everyone is far more interested in seeing pictures of the house, but it is just so hard to get pictures with everything still out-of-sorts and the decor not quite how I want it.  So, a post about what we did today it is.:)

   These poor girls don't even own snow clothes, because they would probably only ever use them a few days every few years!  It snows THAT rarely.  And when it does snow, I have a love/hate  relationship with it.  A. I love it because I miss snow and it is truly a rare treat out here. B. I hate it because it cancels everything.  I mean, this whole state just shuts down when it snows, because no one is used to driving in the snow.  I don't even know if Oregon has any snowplows.  I digress.

   So we just layered as much as we could and I wore my snow pants from the long ago by-gone skiing and snowboarding days, and we had a good time.  Well, eventually we had a good time.  Right at first the girls were very wary of it all, and basically wondered why I had drug them outside and what in the world was all of this strange, cold, fluffy, white stuff?  But they warmed up to it.  Or was it, cooled down to it??

   Me-"Come on girlies, it's snow! It's fun! Play in it!" Jocelyn-"I cannot believe this is happening.  There I was, all snug and warm in the house and then next thing I know....."  Charlotte-"O.k. sis,  just smile and nod and when Mom's not looking I say we make a break for it...."

    I drug them out back to the patio where I promptly made a heart with my footprints, and two snow angels.  Whee! Fun! Again, more blank stares. 

 "Can we go in yet?"

Oh BUT THEN...............

Mama brought out the big guns!!

  And finally, everyone started having a little fun. (This happy picture was, ironically, shortly after a face plant in the snow and BEFORE the car....so I'm not sure why she's even smiling but I CAUGHT it and it fit with the post, so there.) Charlotte even cried when it was time to go in! I know, I can't believe it either.  

  This picture freaks me out a little bit because I didn't add that snowing feature....I frankly have no idea how that even is working!  I am not even close to techy enough to figure out how to do that.  Is my computer playing tricks on me?  Trying to take over my blog because I never update anymore?  We may never know.  Call it a Christmas miracle, folks.

   So get out there and play in the snow!  And afterwards, warm up with hot coco and thermal underwear, like I did.

   Even if your kids are strangely tentative like mine, you will get a great sense of satisfaction out of feeling like your own parents whenever they were trying to get you to do something you didn't want to, all the while convincing you that YOU'RE HAVING FUN, KIDS, LIKE IT!! It's one of those all-important milestones in parenting and everyone should experience that feeling at least a dozen times. 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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  1. My 2 year old and 4 year old were out for all but 5 minutes before they were crying and whining and fussing to come in I tried to get them into it but finally gave up and brought them all inside, feeling like a failure mucho... ;-) -ladonna

  2. WHAT GORGEOUS SNOW! I laughed the whole way through this post - especially the blank stares part. Because I get all giddy about snow too (even though Georgia has not one snow plow and it only snows 1/4 inch once every ten years - true story) and if we're back home and it snows I feel like I'm on steroids, it's SO fun. And I play in it like a little kid and my kids LAUGH at me because I'm so excited. So this just made me laugh, remembering. :) And that picture where it's snowing - I was like, "Whoa, she's super techy. I'd have no idea how to do that!" :) Fun fun post!


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