Busy little bees.

10:31 PM

Let's play a game.

   A game called "let's whine and moan about how busy we are like everyone does every year around the holidays even though it is their own fault for being so busy and it happens every single year and somehow each year they don't do anything to change it."  That game.

   I haven't been able to blog much because we have been. Just. So. Busy.  The main thing I guess has been moving, and all that entails.  The packing, cleaning, moving, painting, buying, arranging, organizing....if you've moved before you know the drill.  And for the life of me I CANNOT understand how people move multiple times!  I'm pretty sure I only want to move once in my entire life.  Maybe even minus-1 times. How do you people do it?! Or maybe it's kind of like the pain/agony of childbirth that you forget after a little while and so that's the only reason that families have more than one child.  I don't know.  Let's just say I'm still in the throes of post-moving-partum and have no desire to repeat the process anytime soon.

  I never DREAMED of some of the agonies of homeowners.  How I could nearly shed tears and lose sleep over a broken washing machine or a dishwasher making strange sounds. How the dilemma of an ill-fitting appliance could loom dark rainclouds over every other area of my life.  How panicky and out-of-sorts it makes me feel when everything around me is in a quiet, unnerving state of upheaval.

   And besides the moving, which has drained more of me than I thought possible, there has been Thanksgiving with the family, practicing for the upcoming Christmas pageant (11th, 13th, and 15th at Fairview Mennonite for all of you locals!), preparing for a Christmas banquet that we are helping with for the youth, and other things like grocery shopping, taking care of littles, washing dishes and prying open my eyelids every morning.  Needless to say I feel BUSY.  But I'm sure no busier than anyone else, and I really can't complain when we are the ones that say yes to things that make us busy in the first place.

  That is a whole new blog post for another time, by the way.  This thing of "being busy".  I think it is WAY to over-glorified in our culture, and maybe even specifically the Mennonite/Christian sub-culture.    I think this is because so much of our worth is defined by what we do.  Whether it should be or not, that is just the way it is.

   Women, especially, hardly have a place at all unless they are good at doing certain things, and unfortunately, I am not very great at most of those "expected things".  Cooking, cleaning, sewing and housekeeping in general are not my strong points.  Not even close.  I'd rather be painting, writing, photographing, acting, singing, dancing....well, I guess just about anything than cooking or cleaning.  Because of this, I have often felt like I am not "good enough".  That even if God has blessed me with many giftings, that they are somehow not valuable because they are not the RIGHT giftings.  Especially because of the culture I have grown up in.

   For example, I am quite sure many, MANY people I know probably think blogging is completely ridiculous.  And art is a waste of time.  And fashion is vain.  And countless other things that fascinate me, are shallow and meaningless.  Well, I guess that's o.k. Because what holds meaning to one doesn't necessarily have to captivate another.  I suppose I am glad the world is that way because I would shudder to think of what the world might look like if I tried to become the Pioneer Woman, or Rachel Ray, or Mr. Clean or Mrs. Meyers, and they tried to become me.  So maybe we're all a little bit better off with varied interests after all.  But why doesn't it FEEL that way??

   My what a tangent I strayed off on.  I don't even know how to bring that all back around to any sort of main point, so let's just plunge on.

Here's a little glimpse of what we've been up to via Instagram.....

   A little DIY canvas art for the girls' room. The pale pink letters are more noticeable in real life, but I'm not crazy about the color scheme, so I may re-do it.  See, I'd rather paint a canvas for the girls' room than unpack all of my pots and pans.  Sad, but true. 

One of the wise men rode in on an unusual camel this year.

Speaking of nativity scenes, here's a glimpse from our pageant practice.

    We're slowly getting our office put together and opened the box to this little beauty. I think I may be falling in love.  Haven't even gathered up the courage to take off the plastic protective cover yet.  I'm writing on her right now, actually and the keyboard keys are like....butter.  They actually make me want to write.  It's almost like they are writing FOR me.  I feel like I could sit down to one of these keyboards half-asleep and crank out a series of novels rivaling the length of Jeanette Oak's.  Do her series ever end??

   Anyway, it's getting late so that is all for now.  Happy day-of-rest-eve to you all!

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  1. Last night I was wandering the produce section of a local Asian supermarket. Do you have those where you live? They are becoming more and more common here in Baltimore, on the East Coast. Anyway, I started touching the produce. There were items I did not recognize, had no idea how to cook or maybe they should be eaten raw. I brought home a little bag of green garbanzo beans, in their papery shell. I have to google what to do with them to make them edible! Why am I going into this long explanation of a visit to the grocery store? Because it reminded me of the creativity of God. As humans we seem to try to put ourselves and others into boxes. What is, must be, and become, etc. But if you look around in nature it is VERY evident that God does not make things the same. If he did, all of our trees could look the same. I mean really, do we NEED different bark patterns to survive? No, I don't think so, unless there is a scientific reason that I'm not aware of. So when you feel like you don't fit in the Mennonite box (I'm menno too, I get what you are referring to) just take a look around you, smile, and know that God delights in the pattern he chose when he created you. Blessings!

    1. "Do we really NEED different bark patterns?" I love it! You just nailed it. :) God's creativity is a beautiful thing, and we should celebrate it in nature AND humans.:) Thanks for reading!

  2. I understand why you blog. Although I may never become a famous blogger or inspire others by my words, I blog for me and for God. (at least most days;)) While I am extremely grateful for the things I learned how to do, and I actually thoroughly enjoy those Mennonite-y things you listed, I pray that I NEVER measure someone's worth by how well they cook or can. Sometimes I don't want to let anyone know that we do our own butchering, and that I can something almost 12 months out of the year. But if I look at it as my gifts that I enjoy and not as a measuring stick to compare my friends with, I believe God can be glorified. Celebrate you!

    1. Wow, you certainly are industrious! I would love to come sit at your feet by your stove and learn.:) But you are so right….we shouldn't use it as a measuring stick but as unique gifts that can glorify God! Thanks for the lovely reminder!

  3. The canvas is adorable. I am a total procrastinator when it comes to mudane stuff like unpacking. If there is something fun to do instead, I'll do it. :)
    Totally laughed at that Janette Oke comment. My 10 yr old is reading her books right now and I just smile to think about doing the same thing many moons ago.

    1. Thanks for reading! I'm so glad we share procrastination of important things in common. :)

  4. I don't really know you but through the blogging circle on Facebook I've become aware of your blog. I am from Oregon (not currently living there though). And there is something about you that seems to draw me in. This post, what you wrote here, confirmed that we share some of the same spirit. I love that you have an artistic bent. Don't squelch that just because it is not expected. Nurture that and do what you enjoy. Anyhoo, I look forward to learning more about you. -Eli

    1. This comment just warms my heart! Thank you so much for reading and for your encouragement. I don't want to squelch…I want to nurture passions, but sometimes it is hard. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

  5. so got this post! from the busyness we complain about, but bring about ourselves - yes! to the role of women etc. i grew up in homeschool, ultra conservative type circles where there was so much glorification put on being "keepers at home." cooking, cleaning and sewing.. and though i like all those things {can't sew really} all i ever wanted was to be in the barn with the horses!! ;) i've struggled at times throughout my adult years with feeling "good enough" if not measuring up to the standards, opinions of some of those from my past. you're so right God's made us all differently. and i'm glad. you can see that He loves diversity and created from scripture - look at all the strong, powerful women in the Bible that maybe outwardly wouldn't have measured up in their day, looked the part, acted as others thought and yet God used them. their stories are not only part of history, but part of the lineage of Christ himself!! so cool.

    great thoughts here, shelley!


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