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11:22 AM

photo via Grace to Be

   For those of you getting in a sappy romantic mood with the upcoming Valentine's holiday and wanting a little mush to read…..the lovely Amber Hutchins  asked me to be a part of a Valentine's series of couples sharing their stories.  I was honored and delighted to participate!

   It was so good to take that walk down memory lane again…..the whole story so reflects the sovereignty of God to turn even our mistakes and shortcomings into happy endings.  And my how we've changed!

(For more wedding pictures, click here.)

   So head on over to her lovely blog,  Grace to Be for the whole story, and leave a comment if you have anything to share.:) And be watching for the next stories in the series, I'm sure they're all gonna be great!

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  1. Yay, I have always wanted to hear your love story…:)

  2. Oh my word...that first picture of Randy with the hair??! That is amazing. Anyways, nice work telling your story; your girls especially will love having it recorded. :)

  3. This is such a beautiful story and I love it so much because it is SO like ours. :) You guys are honestly the cutest couple and your photos are stunning.

  4. Really, really great. I loved both the story and the pictures!!


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