Snow days and sour cream twists.

4:04 PM

   One of the days that we were snowed in we all decided to forge through the drifts and slush and meet at my in-laws house to be snowed in together. Which was a great idea to begin with but then became even a whole lot more brilliant when we lost power at our house. Because if there's one thing we all love about snow days, it's board games.  And comfort food.  And heat.

   So the grandkids ran wild, and the adults settled in for some Puerto Rico, Agricola, and freshly baked sour cream twists.  (You were missed Byran and Amy, Xavier and Nicolas! Oh and Chris too. :)  My mother-in-law Bonnie is an excellent baker.  Well, an excellent cook too.  And housekeeper for that matter.  Basically excels in all things domestic. Seriously.  Anyways, Randy and I both have attempted to recreate her sour cream twists on separate occasions, to no avail.  So on this eventful day, we took advantage of the chance to sit at the feet of the master baker and tackle the infamous recipe once and for all.  (With her help, obviously).

1/2 cup warm water 
1 1/2 cup warm sour cream
4 TBS shortening
6 TBS sugar
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
2 large eggs

 6 cups of flour
2-3 TBS of instant yeast (sprinkled on top of flour) 
Mix/knead in Bosch for 5 minutes. 

   Let rise in bowl and roll out into long thin rectangle.  Begin at one end of the rectangle, and spread with melted butter until the half-way point.  Top butter with brown sugar and cinnamon.  Pick up opposite end and fold over on top of buttered/sugared half.  

   Cut into strips.  Holding twists and both ends, twist in opposite directions.  Place on greased baking sheet and let rise again.  

   Bake @ 350 for 12-15 minutes until just lightly browned on top.  Let cool and then frost  with cream cheese frosting. Enjoy!

  I am so thankful for both of my families….by blood and by marriage, both near and far.  I so desire for my own family unit to want to spend time together in the way that I enjoy spending time with extended family!  I also hope that maybe one of these days I can get the swing of some of these prized family recipes, and be able to pass them on to my own daughters without messing it all up along the way.

Until then, Bonnie's sour cream twists will suit me just fine.:)

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  1. ummm, I have a recipe like this. Makes me hungry for them! Of course mine never turn out as well as the first time I tasted them at a friends.

  2. Yes for days spent eating good food and playing awesome games(yay for Agricola and Puerto Rico!) with family! Definitely going to be trying out that recipe for Sour Cream Twists!


  3. Ah, those look delicious. Now that I'm in college and have very limited access to ingredients/a stove, I miss baking so badly. I've managed to make a "brownie in a mug," but that's pretty much the extent of my baking adventures in college.

    When I go home on break, I might try to make some sour cream twists!

  4. I wish I could cook & bake like Bonnie!!!

  5. Ok, thinking I should bake something cozy like sour cream twists. I tell you! These family heirloom type of recipes are just hard to master! I've got home made donuts to work at. I have conquered the chocolate whoopie pie. One down. Ha.

  6. That food looks delish!! Wow. I wonder if someone here can make them . . haha!


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