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   What a weekend!  It involved hosting friends, a church potluck, Super Bowl party and more.  I feel a little hungover from all the activity and just want to zone out for a couple days before I can hit the ground running again.

  And sometimes we go for a little family date to the grocery store on a Friday night because we know how to kick it on the wild side around here…..this particular evening I was afraid would be a disaster because that day NEITHER girl napped and they promptly fell into a sound sleep on the way into town.  Yeah. So we pull into Fred Meyer's parking lot and they're zonked out and I'm envisioning melt-downs and in-store tantrums and what-not.  Grocery shopping has never been my favorite thing to begin with, much less if you add the drama of children.  

   But thankfully, Randy was along and he pushed them in their favorite shopping cart roughly the size of a freight train, and I even got to wheel around one of those mini carts that all of the middle-aged ladies with grown children get to use and I got my list done in surprising speed.  No melt-downs occurred, and we all made it out in one piece with all of our loot for the parties/hosting etc to follow.

  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the rest of the activities…what a blogger I am.  So you can fill in the rest with your imaginations.  All I know is, Sundays are quickly becoming one of the busiest days of the week for me. Is that the way things should be?  I don't know.  Randy teaches Sunday school, I juggle the kids around between my class and Jocelyn's, then there was a potluck and after that I took the kids next door to Aunt Rosie's to put them down for naps so they could survive the Superbowl party for the rest of the day…and there was even a parenting class in there that we could have gone to but missed!  Busy, busy, busy.  Part of me loves it and part of me just feels like a train wreck come Monday morning….pros and cons I guess. 

   In other news…...I started up a little Instagram shop!  It's certainly nothing that fancy as I am no high-end fashion gal.  It's just things that have been gently used and pre-loved, that I no longer need and would love to be able to find a new home for!  I am going to try my best and keep the prices low and budget-friendly, but as I am new at this and am unfamiliar with shipping costs I wasn't sure where to start them all out at.  Feel free to make offers!  I am certainly willing to make deals.  I'm hoping this can just be an ongoing garage sale of sorts all throughout the year and will help me stick to my guns of living a more simplified life around here!!

You can find the shop here, @shopshelleyscloset.   

   I only have a few things in there to start, but I will be constantly adding more women's, men's and children's (girls) clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.  Maybe even toys?  Who knows.  We'll see how this whole things goes first.:)  So feel free to look around and check things out, and leave your paypal email in a comment if you'd like to claim something.  For you locals, I would reduce the price in lieu of shipping costs.

   Oh and my friend Janene just started one too! So you can check out hers as well over @janenescloset.  There are SO many second-hand shops on Instagram it can seem overwhelming of where to even start. But a couple that I am following are @onelittlemommascloset  and @secondsailclothing.  Check them out too! Such cute stuff and I love how they will often have outfit posts pictured as well to give you an idea of how the item might look.

   This is all in good fun and I am fully aware of the fact that this may be a passing fling that soon flops.  I'm certainly not hoping to get rich quick or somehow start a business selling thrifted finds!  Ha.  I am just hoping to clean out my closet a little and wanted to invite you all to come along.

Happy weekend, and happy shopping! ;)


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  1. I can relate to the grocery shopping with little ones! It was nice that your husband went along to help. Good luck with your clothes shop!

  2. Cool idea w insta shops- I had no idea! Shows how with it I am! ;))

    Remember those days of busy Sundays and juggling babies and loning it. The good news is it's not like that forever - now I find myself missing that craziness and thinking Sundays are boring.

    I'm not a grocery shopping fan- even without kids!!!


  3. What a cute idea, the instagram shop! Your girls are adorable.

  4. I had not idea there was such a thing as a Instagram shop as I haven't jumped on the Instagram band wagon yet. Looks like a great idea. I hope it goes well.

  5. I love the idea of an Instagram shop! What a great way to simplify and make some extra money! Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Very cool!


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