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   When one doesn't feel very inspired, one looks around oneself for inspiration.  Is that a famous quote?  I think it should be.  So after my uninspiring day, I give you, "Things I'm liking, people I'm admiring, inspirations, and other such what-nots in general."  Enjoy.

1.  Bridget Hunt  from  Although I always want to call it "It's a Hunt life".  Was that her old blog name perhaps?  Instagram name?  We may never know.
I love how she shares about mediocrity.  And mom guilt.
I love her thoughts on being almost 30 even though I'm "only" turning 29 this summer.
I love how she dresses….so modern and fashionable and MODEST.  Here too.

  And many, many other things/qualities. Delicious recipes, effortless style, her casual, quirky sense of humor, relaxed, laid-back approach to parenthood….I love it all. Point is, she's awesome and you won't be sorry you checked her out.

2. Lisa, Kylie, and Megan, a set of the cutest, craftiest, creative-est? identical triplets that you ever did see, and each have their own blogs and myriad of talents that they so brilliantly share with the world.  Kinda makes you feel like you're majorly slacking, actually.  The energy!  The vision! The passion!  I need to take a nap after checking out their latest endeavors.  Anyways.  I love them all, and don't think I could pick a favorite, so I'll just pick out things I like about each one.
 --Kylie--  Hands down, her photography.  Also, she recently wrote a great post about solitude.
--Megan-- Her darling baby Van, their adorable baby moon video, and Feral watches.
--Lisa-- Today Lisa gets my ultimate prize for being sweet enough to take the time to send me back a HUGE e-mail after I emailed her some questions.  And all in spite of being so busy with her upcoming appearance on The Doctors!  Amazing.  She is a gem. And speaking of gems, she makes jewelry out of sea treasures from Hawaii!  Holy smokes, is there anything this trio cannot do??! Anyways, check them out.

3.  This article not only steps on my toes… mashes them to a fragmented, bloody pulp.  Too much?  I've been thinking ALOT lately about movies/TV/cell phone usage for little ones, and this may have just been the motivational push I need to really do something drastic about changing our habits around here.  You may laugh at the notion of a 2 year old using a cell phone, but my daughters (even the 1.5 yr old) already know how to take pictures, watch video and play games, and even the littlest one knows how to navigate from the home screen to which apps she wants.  Eeeeek.  It's got me thinking and I haven't stopped since reading it…..

4.  Boden clothing. If you haven't discovered Boden yet, you're missing out.  Their slogan should be "Mennonite approved!"  They are fashionable, modest, and oh-so-very-British, so that really doesn't leave much to be disliked.  Oh, wait, I guess their prices.  They're a leeetle high. It stands to reason then, that the only piece of Boden attire I own, I snagged at GOODWILL.  Tis true!  I couldn't grab this dress off the rack fast enough.

  Boden at thrifted prices is the best of both worlds, but I'm almost convinced their high prices would be worth it.  Their fabric is such high-quality it will probably last forever, the fit is perfect, and it just feels like well-made clothing when you're wearing it.  You know that feeling I'm talking about?  Like it has the right amount of weight and flowiness to it?  O.k. I'm making no sense now.  Moving on.

5. Speaking of that tri-fecta of creativity I mentioned earlier reminds me of another family that is a powerhouse full of them.
You've got….
Clarita with her beautiful family, blog, and handmade goodies for sale at My Faire Lady.
Then there's Jana with her Chalk Shopand charming home.
Next is Ervina with her breathtaking home, and darling baby bump,
And finally, Claudia, with her perfectly, wonderfully, unique, amazing wedding.

   And I'm sure they all do like, 742 more amazing things that I either don't know about, or failed to mention.  Really, I could go on and on and on, but I would run out of breath, time and space talking about that family of lovely, creative souls!  But I digress.  Oh and speaking of the Chalk shop……

  Hubs got me this nifty little number for me for Valentine's Day. That's right folks, puts chocolates to shame, doesn't it!  (I didn't really mean it Chocolate, please be my friend for always)  Goodness gracious I know how to pick 'em!  And it goes so perfectly with my gallery wall.  So hurry on over and claim your own piece of goodness!  You can find her here on Facebook.

That's all for now folks.  Kids are down, workout is done, time to shower and kick back.

P.S. I would've included pictures to all these nifty links, but I heard somewhere that if you use pictures without permission EVEN if you link them, it is copyrighting.  ?????  Can this be true?  Please tell me it isn't?  Isn't that the entire point/design/function of Pinterest?  I just don't get it and it really cramps my blogging style when I'm talking about other things around the world wide web.  So if someone could verify/clarify this for me, you'd be my hero.

O.k. that's all for real this time.

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  1. You're not supposed to post sourced pictures?? That's crazy! And how does it make sense? Remember writing reports in school and including whatever we wanted as long as it was properly sourced? It totally seems like it would be the same thing on a blog. Anyways, I have never read any blogging or copyrighting rules and I have no idea how to even find out if what you heard is true! I hope I don't accidentally go to jail because I post pictures. :(

  2. the art is beautiful. your hubs is good at giving you great gifts! And I think its okay to post photos as long as you link back to the source.

  3. I lounged around on a few of the links that you shared. I also like the style and look of the Boden clothing. I am in a British phase with being an avid fan of Downton Abbey.

  4. Those are some really great links you posted up there! They were new for me, and what super talented women, and some amazing stories. I was inspired as well! Annnnd I'm super honored and also super flabbergasted that you link me with those amazing people! Goodness. In reality, I am inspired by YOU.

    On another note, the sourcing of pictures is frustrating, isn't it!? I don't know what to think about all that. I totally get the no stealing of pictures, but sourcing and providing links being illegal is just sad to me, and frustrating! I see it all over, even with big-wig bloggers. Maybe it's not as bad as it seems?? :)


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