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   This weekend has been so enriching.  Friday I went out to dinner to celebrate a dear friend's birthday, and after that went over to the church and learned how to make scones with a number of ladies from church.  It was such a rich time of fellowship that I left feeling so very grateful for my church family.  My mom and sister were able to be there with me as well, which enhanced the entire experience considerably.  Saturday was a lovely day of sleeping in (as much as that is ever possible with little ones) cooking up a big brunch and then the men did handy man things and the women did a little thrifting.  We ended the day with tri-tip for dinner and some Sherlock Holmes.  Sunday was a time of worship, fellowship and being together once again.  We had dinner at our house, roast and potatoes of course, in following the footsteps of my dear mother.  Then we all lounged around and played games and ate snacks for the rest of the day.

   So of course now on Monday it feels a little bit empty after such a full and enriching weekend. But that is why we recount our blessings. That is why we reflect and remember how good the weekend was.   That's what gets us through these drizzly and dreary Monday mornings.  That and coffee.  Since my parents are spending the day over at my sister's house, today is a quiet, lazy day for catching up on laundry and blogging and other such ordinary things.

  Last week, (or was it two weeks ago? timelines and dates are completely lost on me) my sister-in-law Jessi and I spent one of our precious "Grandma days" on sewing projects. And it. Was. So. Fun.  I received a beautiful sewing machine from my mother-in-law a few Christmases ago but have hardly even dusted it off since.  I know, I know, it's a travesty.  In my defense, I tried a couple of things that were complete flops, and didn't gather up the courage to try again.  I can be frustratingly intolerant of myself when it comes to trying new things.  I expect to be an expert overnight or it feels like a waste of time.  That's probably why I quit the piano (when I was starting to get quite good) or never play the guitar (even though I learn so quickly) and rarely draw anymore (although I know there is potential there).  Someone with motivation to spare, come and pour some out on me, s.t.a.t!  Before my talents whither up and blow away.  I digress…..sewing projects.

   We set up shop in the dining room to take advantage of all the natural light and got to work.  First on our priority list?  Simple skirts for the girls by MADE.  And you know what? They really ARE simple. Easy, in fact!  And for me to be able to say that, is truly remarkable.

   While I worked on matching skirts for the girls, Jessi set about refashioning an old t-shirt that she didn't wear anymore into a darling little maxi skirt for Madison.  No pattern was used or tutorial followed, just Jessi being Jessi.

 It turned out so well!  Basically, she just cut out the shape she wanted, sewed up the sides and added elastic! It really is quite simple.  She didn't need to hem the bottom because she used the finished hem of the t-shirt.  Brilliant.  I too made one for Jocelyn out of an old black striped turtleneck because after she saw Madison in her fashionable maxi skirt she just HAD to have one of her own.  *Sigh* are we really approaching that stage already?

    Jessi then went on to make Madison a darling little layered skirt, which is a spin-off of the simple skirt tutorial.  You basically make two of them at different lengths, and then put them together.  I'm getting repetitive here but again, it's quite simple.

    Unfortunately when the girls came home from Grandmas and were trying on their goods, I didn't take much time to get pictures of them in the maxi skirts because we were too busy trying to frantically finish up some projects in spite of all the distractions.  On a later day, I did get some pictures of my girls in their matching "simple skirts" and so for now, those will have to do.

   Nothing quite beats that feeling of satisfaction after making something with your own two hands that can actually be worn/eaten/used.  Almost tempts me to try it again someday.  Ha.  All joking aside, I really, honestly would LOVE to learn more about sewing, and be better equipped to make clothes for myself and the girls.  I think it truly is a lost art and is something I would love to pass on to them as well someday.  But for now, I think I'll just stick to the easiest, simplest, most self-explanatory tutorials I can find and save myself and all those around me a little sanity.

What are you doing on this drizzly, dreary Monday?

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  1. I. Am. SO. Jealous of how much natural light you get in your sewing space! Natural lighting is the best! :)

  2. Shelley,I am in love with your dining room! Love the table and chairs!!! Love your decor, I demand a house tour, pronto!

  3. I agree, what a lovely dining room! Just perfect for sewing lovely little ladies fashions!

  4. Great job!!! I'm with you on, if I can't be an expert overnight I give up.. I have no patience to learn. Then I see projects like this and think how I should atleast try!!! So fun you have someone to do it with.. that's always motivating too!!

    The skirts are super cute. Love the dots. And as another commenter said I was straining to kinda see the rest of your dining room-- the wall in the background.. show more please! :))

  5. so fun! I love your projects!

  6. The cute little girls make the sewing projects even cuter! :)


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