Auntie Sheryl comes to town.

10:29 AM

   Originally, my brilliant plans for this summer included coercing Mom to let my younger sister Sheryl come out for the WHOLE summer and live with us.  She could get a job driving combine for a local harvest crew, we could put her up in our guest bedroom, and I could get all the free babysitting my heart desired.  Just kidding.  Or am I?.....

   Long story short the master plan didn't exactly come to fruition.  But she DID get to come out for a two-week visit, which is CERTAINLY better than nothing.  I had to share her with my other sister living out here of course, but it worked out rather nicely, because Shannon had her for a week while we were in Hawaii, and then shortly after we got home we hosted her for the 2nd week.  It all worked out rather nicely.

The girls EAGERLY awaiting her arrival.

   She even had a birthday while she was out here so naturally, bunny breakfast pancakes were in order and we threw a little joint party (joint parties forever!) for her and my niece Elissa, as their birthdays are one day apart.  We did the math, and apparently she turned 17, although I can't seem to wrap my mind around that, because than that means that I am turning 29 next month and not 23, which I seem to be eternally, mentally, forever frozen at.

   My streamers all fell down in the wind and I have no idea what story Randy is telling but it looks like a funny one.
   The girls of course refused to look normal for the camera. 

 The two birthday girls and the three sisters. 

Somehow we all ended up matching, and so of course a family pic was in order.

 God gave them a gorgeous birthday sunset.  This is with NO editing. 

   Unfortunately, the girls took a little time to warm up as they always do, but once the ice was broken they were in deep and there was no turning back.  They dearly love their auntie! And I just love this picture of them together.


   Thank you for your patience with their million questions and book requests and constant jabber.  Thank you for flying out here all by yourself to see your Oregon family, and for taking the time and exerting the energy to get to know your nieces!  I am so grateful for every chance I get for my children to get to know my family better.  Visits are a rare and precious thing, and I never want to take a single one for granted!  I loved hearing all about high school drama, and banquet dresses and volleyball and life in Kalona.....I miss so much from back home and you make me feel young again.  So thanks again (and again and again) for coming out, and I will already be plotting our many adventures and escapades for next summer.  Ha.

Love you, sis. 


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  1. Sister love. the best. I guess I forget that Sheryl and Edie are pretty much the same age (E will turn 17 in October) because they weren't at school together. But isn't it fabulous to get to know these girlies as friends now that they're grown up from our little munchkin sibs? and all their energy and ideas and plans are so fun to watch... awww... 17 was prob my favorite of my teens. That was such a good year - planning our fab Banquet, summertime and driving ourselves to baseball games, the excitement of being Seniors (remember taking pictures with Jodie?!?). Wishing her a marvelous year too! xoxoxme.

  2. Awe!..Sister bonding. Nothing like it! Reminds me of when I would go help my sisters out..:) I get to see one this week end, and am elated!!

  3. Aw... sisters are the best and make wonderful aunties to our kids!!

  4. Oh, I'm happy for you! I have two sisters, but they both had babies before I did. I've always thought it would be fun to have a teenage sister to revive the fun in my life and help me with the babies.


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