Hawaii, the wrap-up.

9:45 AM

   I kinda feel like these Hawaii posts could drag on forever (so.many.pictures!) and I know how short my attention span can be, so for the sake of all of you, dear readers, I will attempt to wrap things up.  As difficult as that may be.

   We ate at some amazing places on the island, and like I mentioned earlier we skipped the fancy restaurant thing and ate at stands, shrimp trucks, and hole-in-the-wall places and let me tell you....amazing food.  So don't just a book by its cover, or a bbq corn stand by it's cheesy photo-op sign.

  SO....if you ever find yourself on Oahu, here are some places you simply MUST hit up!

1. Kahuku Grill and Seven Brothers Burgers
   Both owned by a family with seven sons, hence the name.  Some of the sons run them now, and AMAZING food!  Cool surfing atmosphere, amazing food, etc.  Check it out.

2.  Corn-on-the cob stands.
   This baby came slathered in butter, mayo, Cajun seasonings, parmesan cheese, and probably some other things I can't remember.  It was INCREDIBLE.  I need another one.

3. Leonard's Bakery
  Best doughnut I've had in my entire life.  Pretty sure anyway.  Forgive me, Kalona Bakery and Golden Delight, for I have sinned.

4. Shaved ice and frozen yogurt, smoothies, etc.
  I'm not even gonna name places here because they're all over and some of the most popular places weren't even my favorite, so just shop around, if you will and discover all the island has to offer.

 I don't even have pictures of some of the other amazing places like Opal Thai and that one Korean BBQ place.....oh well like I said we need to wrap this up so if you ever visit Oahu and wanna know the goods, hit me up.

   As mentioned earlier the first half of our fourth was spent feeling patriotic at Pearl Harbor.  After that we spent the rest of the day at Turtle Bay, where they had food vendors, free concerts, fireworks, and (of course) a beautiful beach.  I think this one may go down in the books as the best 4th EVER.


  Not sure why those picture sizes are wonky but who cares!  I'm wrapping this post up in hyber-speed because my girls need breakfast and we are off to the coast soon for a spur-of-the-moment camping trip.  Yes.  Camping with children.  Spur of the moment.  We are indeed crazy.  

Wish us luck, and happy weekend people! 

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  1. Oh my, I loved these posts. When I saw the first one on Hawaii I couldn't wait to read it and life just kept piling up on me and I didn't get it done. Now I'm glad I saved them all for one big Hawaii fix. :) It's always been on my bucket list of places to go and now even more after reading these posts.


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