Fashion Friday: Comfort first.

4:00 AM

   Well I received such positive feedback from my Fashion Friday post last week, I think I will try and keep this series going!  You are were so sweet and encouraging, and it was so fun to receive such uplifting feedback on trying something new.  

Everyone needs cheerleaders like you in their life.

   For this Friday's post, I will propose a solution to that "The-ONLY-things-I-want-to-wear-today-are-leggings-and-a-tank-top" feeling.  We ALL have those days.  We wake up, pry our eyes open, and peel ourselves off of the bed only to realize that nothing in our closet appeals to us more than a pair of comfy leggings and a tank top.  Or maybe even less than that.  But we're going out, and unfortunately, we need to put something on. 

   In my case, it was Thursday morning and I was headed off to Bible study, but when you're scrambling around the house getting showered and bathing little girlies and combing everyone's hair, finding shoes and trying to get some breakfast down don't want a lot of constricting layers or thick fabrics making you sweat before you even head out the door! 

   So go ahead and put on those soft leggings and a thin layering camisole, and then throw on a loose-fitting, lightweight dress, (maybe something silk or chiffon) and you won't even notice it!  It feels just as perfectly comfortable as wearing leggings and a tank top, all the while offering a lot more modest coverage.  

Problem solved!

   I like to keep my eyes open for lightweight dresses year-round (this one was on clearance at Old Navy) because even if they're not technically "in season" they transition so seamlessly through different weather. 

    In the summer, throw it on with a hat and sandals.  In the fall, style with tall boots and leggings.  In In the winter, layer with a scarf, blazer, and knit tights.  Then when spring comes around again you will find yourself reaching for it with rain boots and a light cardigan.  My favorite pieces are always ones that can be utilized any month of the year!

   That's all for now!  And now I'd love to hear from some of you what your go-to, "comfort first" outfits are.  Because let's be honest, when chasing after little ones all day, comfort pretty quickly becomes a top priority. 

It's the weekend people, hope you have a great one!

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  1. You are always so lovely shelley! I was just telling janene how somehow you just always look amazing. I think you could make a potato sack look good. :)


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