Thrifty is nifty and gingham is great.

2:33 PM

   I know, I know, my Friday Fashion series lasted a whopping 2 weeks until I dropped the ball.  Let's be honest, are any of us surprised?  Didn't think so.

   But I'm giving myself grace, and realizing that just because I don't always follow through with something, doesn't mean that I can't try, doggone it!  If that were the prevailing pattern of thought than I would never try anything, ever.  That would be lame.    

   And that's how we find ourselves here today, on Fashion Monday!  Or just a fashion post on a Monday.  It doesn't have to have a catchy title, it is what it is.  Sometimes our washing machines leak water all over the floor and flood the kitchen, sometimes our toddlers write in pen all over the leather couch, sometimes mice invade our house at the beginning of fall and we set traps all over creation in an attempt to subdue them and still manage to find a dead one in our rain boots......and any guesses how I might've found it?  If you guessed by putting my foot in, you guessed right.

   So with all of that said, we learn that things don't always go according to plan.  Things aren't always picture-perfect, or straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine.  Well, maybe they are at some people's homes.  But not at mine.  And so we give grace and just do a "fashion Friday post on a Monday".

  The title of this post is totally cheesy, but true.  I snagged this green gingham top from Goodwill for $6 or $7ish dollars, and the pencil skirt was ONE DOLLAR at a local thrift store.  I. Was. Tickled.  But when I purchased the two pieces (different places, different times) I never dreamed of putting them together.  But then I received a little inspiration from Pinterest (where else) and immediately thought of these pieces.

    I don't think I would have been brave enough to pair two bold colors like these until I saw this photo.  And how cute would this ensemble be for Christmas?!  I am completely corny when it comes to holidays and love dressing in my reds and greens.  BUT LET'S NOT GET AHEAD OF OURSELVES.  Good grief, people are pushing it as it is.  Christmas decor will be up all around us before we know it.  And I don't want to rush it!

   My other Pinterest observations have led me to realize that people are all about the neutrals right now.  I know, I know, they've been on-trend for a long time now but right now it is like, ALL about the neutrals.  Grey, black, cream, black, greige, black, beige, grey, black....did I mention grey?  I'm serious, it's all anybody wears.  And don't get me wrong, I love me some neutrals!  But I'm discovering that I LOVE COLOR too.  And I think for a long time I felt like I shouldn't.  I felt like I should just stick to a neutral color palette in my wardrobe so that everything can mix and match easily.  Plus, it was so on-trend.


  I love color! And I'm learning to embrace it. And even as summer transitions into fall, I find myself still reaching for those pops of color.  And so I am currently trying to find a way to wear weather-appropriate, seasonal things while still sprinkling some color in there to keep things interesting.  And you know what?  It's o.k.

If your entire closet is 50 shades of grey, it's o.k.
If your entire closet looks like Joseph's technicolor coat, it's o.k.

   Just stay true to yourself (cheese alert) and you will feel most comfortable and confidant in what you're wearing.

That's all for now folks, hope your Monday is less mousy and floody than mine!

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  1. wow...a flood, a pen incident and mice. that is serious business. good thing you still look so cute, though. :) great outfit!

  2. I LOOOOVE the shirt!!
    and awful mouse story..!!!


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