I'm so fancy.

3:10 PM

Things have been a little quiet around here lately.

   And I would apologize, but I guess that gets a little old, so I won't.  I have a couple on-going projects that seem to be draining me mentally and emotionally, and I just don't have much left for my blog.  And so goes the ever-present struggle with blogging.  At times it feels like material is piled up all around me, begging to be posted and suffocating me in the process, and other times it feels like my creative well has gone empty and dry, and silence fills these pages.

Neither is that much fun, so why do I blog?  I don't really know.

   Jocelyn's favorite activity, ever, of all time, by far, is dressing up.  She dresses up every day, multiple times a day, and leaves a path strewn in her wake of scarves and tutus and hats and things.  It is totally cute and totally annoying.

   But more recently, she asked *begged* me to dress up, and I inwardly groaned.  But then I thought, hey, I have to get ready for church tonight anyway, so I just threw on a dress I was going to wear later and a hat and a scarf and some lipstick, and hoped that would pass the test.

And you know what?  She TOTALLY bought it.

So, that was easy.  I may have to do that again.

   The picture above will long be one of my favorites because it's composed of what so many of my daydreams were when I found out I was having our second little girl.  Bathroom counters strewn with fingernail polish and heels and hats and fancy scarves....I envision much more of this in the years to come.

   And one last one from today, when Randy got home from work (yes, he has to work Saturdays,   pity welcomed) and we were out on the swing set reading books and he snapped this one from inside the house without us even knowing he was back.

Sneaky, sneaky.

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