Birthday Girl.

3:33 PM

   Randy started a new birthday tradition this year, and made Jocelyn's day.  Actually, year.  Or possibly even four-year-old LIFE.  

  He treated her to a birthday date.  Just her and him, no other people or distractions, all dressed up and off to town for a special birthday breakfast.  I thought her little heart would BURST with happiness.  I have never seen her so excited!  She helped pick out her outfit and put on lipgloss and was concerned about her hair....she wanted everything to be JUST right before going out with this handsome man who fills all of our hearts.  

   I tell you, dating your husband is FUN, but watching your daughter get to date and fall in love with him just as much as you are?? Somehow, just as much fun.  

  And then as far as any birthday party was concerned, my husband WISELY refrained me from hosting a big party at home.

   I always want to, but it always ends up being SUPER stressful with Christmas just 5 days away and even if everything comes together in the end, it feels like we just made everything a little crazier than it needed to be.  But I always feel like if I don't throw a party at all, I'm cheating Jocelyn who obviously had no say in the fact that she was born on the 20th of December.

  His timing was made even more perfect and wise with a migraine that hit me two days before the party, and would've rendered me basically useless in getting everything done in time.

  So this year, we kept things simple and low-key.  We invited family to a pizza place, and there was a huge area for kids to play and they even let me bring in my own balloons, party decor, cupcakes and ice cream.  Everybody wins.

   And you know, when you're four, you really don't need a party with decorations and favors that Martha Stewart would be proud of, you just need the people you love most around you to help celebrate your special day.   That and a gold sparkly crown, of course.

   Happy 4th Jocelyn!  Now maybe one day I'll re-cap a bit of our Christmas...but I wouldn't hold your breath.

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  1. okay. her face in all those birthday photos are so so priceless!! also. you are stunning -- as always of course. and lastly. i just seriously need to catch up with you sometime. ;) you are awesome and i miss you. haha.

    also also ps. have you thought any more about doing essential oils?! i'm thinking about joining this year. there seems to be so many good things going on with them and i like how simple and cheap it is to start. we should do it together. haha. your comment on the migraine just made me think about it. i hope you are feeling better soon!


  2. How sweet! We had the same tradition in my family. It was always so much fun to go out with just dad. We were allowed to pick where we wanted to eat; my favorite was "Sarasin's" because if was obviously named after me. :)

    I hope my husband carries on this tradition with our children.

  3. I cannot WAIT until I have a little girl for her daddy to take out on's such a sweet + precious little thing!

  4. she is just darling~
    having girls is the best!!


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