New and improved.

3:46 PM

 Dear readers, 
     It has been long overdue, but Frame of Mind has finally gotten a little bit of a face-lift!  I would hate for you to stumble around trying to find something, so I thought I'd run through the changes real quick.  Most of the new features are self-explanatory, but I thought I'd go over them at least once.

1. This button returns you to the main home page from wherever you may have traveled to on my blog.  (past posts, archives, etc.)

2.  Just a little blurb about who we are over here at Frame of Mind.

3.  My email info for anyone with questions, comments, or wishing to collaborate on projects. I love getting mail!

4.  Six nifty little icons representing different aspects of social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, gmail and google plus).  Clicking on them will take you to each appropriate site.

5.  A search bar to aid in your hunt for something specific on this blog.  

6.  You can follow by email, if you'd prefer! New posts will be sent right to your inbox.

7.  Titles of recent popular posts will show up here for easy access.

8.  My post labels are by no means organized, but I am really trying to start labeling posts so they can be grouped together by topic and be easily found in one place. 

9.  Take a walk down memory lane by browsing the archives! 

   (Yep, I edited these photos separately and had no clue what I was doing and used the number 9 twice.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.)

9.  Instagram! Hands down my favorite media outlet.  A grid of my four most recent posts will show up here.

10.  Matching tabs to make it a whole lot easier to share blog content to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, should your heart desire to do so.

11. Last but certainly not least is the new feature I am perhaps most excited about....Disqus for commenting!  Recently I had been receiving complaints that people weren't able to leave a comment, and even when they were able to, there was no convenient way for me to reply.  Unfortunately that resulted in little-to-no dialogue between me and the readers, and I am so relieved to be changing that!  I appreciate each and every comment so much and I am highly anticipating easier communication between us.

   So feel free to take a look around and try out the new commenting feature to let me know what you think!  I am so glad you found me over here on this little space of the internet, and continue to be a part of our lives in this way.  It means so much!

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  1. Love the new look! I'm always looking to make changes for the better.

  2. Thanks Shannon! It is so much fun to give it a little bit of a update now and then. Thanks for reading!

  3. so so so excited about all this. you are going places girl. LOVE YOU!!

  4. You should be a cheerleader. Because you are SERIOUSLY good at it. I've always felt like you have my back. You're amazing!

  5. This is beautiful! Good job on the makeover!

  6. This is awesome, Shelley! :)

  7. this is nice! Love your new look - I'm working on getting ready to change mine up and love seeing what others do. Excited to keep reading!


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