Life lately.

5:58 PM

   My house is an absolute mess right now as my vacuum cleaner isn't working and we are the in throes of a master bedroom makeover.  And if the pictures don't seem to capture the mess, trust me, I avoided most of it. Ain't nobody got time for that.

  And adding to the frenzy, we have been car shopping.  That's right.  Our beloved Tribute bit the dust and so we are on the hunt for that perfect, mid-sized, family vehicle.  

   So per usual, I have about a million other things I need to be doing right now, but blogging gives me the perfect excuse to escape my pregnancy aches and pains and sit down to catch my breath for a little while.  And somewhere in the middle of washing all the bedding and trying to clear out our bedroom to make way for the new wood flooring coming in tomorrow, I noticed it........


   That blissful quiet that only comes when children are already sleeping, playing happily, or getting into horrific trouble.  And thankfully, it was not the latter!  They've been getting back into (somewhat) a routine of napping again, and I will NEVER take it for granted again.  What a priceless treasure, that napping time is. And it seems to make them so content and able to play on their own. 

    It's sad to me now, how much time I spent nearly ACHING with longing for that stage of independent play.  So long, in fact, that I didn't even realize when it began to happen.  And has been that way now (hallelujah) for quite a while, actually, I just haven't taken the time to notice it.  

   Don't get me wrong, the interruptions and the whining and the begging for attention certainly still happens occasionally, but for the most part, they are able to play on their own, or together, without me.

And the angels said, "Glory!"

 And now of course I wish I hadn't tried to rush it all so much.

   Instead of fantasizing about the days when they could just go get themselves a snack, or find something to play on their own, I should I have just held them a little closer, rocked them a little longer, and cherished that quality time together.  Because soon, very soon, it would change.  They would be content to find something to do on their own.  They really only desperately need you at every waking moment for a short, fleeting time of their lives.

A short time of your life.

   And so while I am quite thrilled that they are growing and changing and maturing, I'll admit I am a little wistful for that stage of absolute dependency again.  Which I suppose is a good thing because I will be going through it all over again in June.  So apparently God knows what He is doing.

    And now to coax these aching bones back into action to tackle all those to-dos.  It's Friday people!  Do you have a relaxing weekend ahead or one of a little bit of craziness, like me? I'd love to hear!

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  1. How exciting you're getting new flooring! I'm excited to see it all done! Isn't it bittersweet watching your children grow up? Sounds like you're ready for another one :)

  2. we have so much going on this weekend. ;)

    a natural cooking class tomorrow morning, small group hang out time here at our house tomorrow night, church on sunday, essential oils get together in the afternoon, and a little party for emmett on sunday evening.

    i am kind of looking forward to monday. haha ;)

  3. I have been feeling this way too. My little girl is amusing herself on her own so much during the day, I almost feel like I'm not needed. Which is a strange thought indeed, considering how much it drove me crazy to BE needed so much just a short while ago. It's a very odd feeling to me but I'm trying to treasure it all.

    And, our weekend plans include: cleaning house, making some menus (I feel rather blah in the kitchen these days), hopefully a bit of time in the sewing room, church and regrouping.

  4. Yes.. I remember wishing for those independent days. Now with one about to graduate high school and another turning 16 tomorrow I'm, like, "waaaaait!!!!!" Every stage of mothering is awesome- but these early days do seem to turn to such distant memories far too fast. :))

    Can't wait to see what this new little one is!!


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