Rug mania.

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   O.k. so in a totally unrelated note to this post...I hope it was clear in my previous post about maternity fashion that I was the late one in getting my stuff together, not Alicia!  Upon asking her to help me with that post she was perfectly prompt in sending me her pictures and info right away and it was totally my end of things that ended up taking forever.  So...I hope it didn't come across the other way around.  Sometimes things make perfect sense in my head because it's my thoughts and my fingers typing and then when I read over it later I'm  Just wanted to set the record straight on that one.:)  A big thanks again to Alicia, for helping me out!  I hope you all were able to check her blog out and leave her some love.

   And now on to more important, life-and-death matters.  (kidding)  I need to find a rug for our master bedroom, and while I usually thoroughly enjoy shopping, there are a few things that will plummet me straight into the vortex known as the great World Wide Web for a shameful amount of hours, scouring the depths of the internets in hopes of finding just the perfect one.  Strollers, diaper bags, gliders, rugs....o.k. so a lot of things.  It is a wretched habit that I hope to be set free of one day.

   But in the meantime?  Selecting something of significant value or cost takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R and by the time I have made my choice, I have probably seen hundreds (no exaggeration) of similar products and they all start to blend together in my mind and I start to go a little crazy.

It's just all a little bit silly, really.

  In my defense, I think it is because I like to be frugal and thrifty, and so spending a big chunk of money doesn't come easily for me.  That is why the decision is mulled over, contemplated, compared with others, reviews are read, ratings are checked, sales are searched for, and coupon codes are hunted down with vim and vigor.  And still, sometimes I just end up getting nothing and waiting around for no apparent reason before beginning the whole tedious process over again.

Like I said, it's rather ridiculous.

   So when we started re-doing the master bedroom and I knew that switching to wood floors would mean I would need to shop around for the right area rug.....part of me panicked just a little bit.  I know, first world problems, right?   I mean....I have pregnancy brain and two toddlers and 1,000 other things to do right now and the last thing I feel like doing is melting my eyeballs with 70,000 thumbnail images to sort through on

So that's where you come in.

   I have put together a vision board (ha!  Not really, but the closest I could come to one) of a rather vague representation of what I like in a rug.  Some of the items are really similar and some are completely and totally unrelated so.......I suppose your guess is as good as mine?

   I guess my taste in rugs is sort of all over the board except for a distinctive bohemian/urban flavor?  I have no idea really.  So give feedback if you like, or send me a link to a completely different one that you think I would like, or just ones that YOU really like, etc. etc.  It'll be fun.  And this way, I can let all of you do the shopping for me!

Just kidding.  Or am I?

Happy hunting!

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  1. I LOVE #1, but with your room already being somewhat neutral, seems like a rug with some color might be a good option. Unless, you are planning other pops of color that we don't yet know about :)
    It seems like something a little shaggy would feel really good getting out of bed in the mornings too. So, color & shag, color & shag!

    The rust coloring of option #4 seems really good for your room, but the rug seems a little overpriced for being low-pile. I've seen similar style/coloring options at stores like Ollies (or other closeouts) for quite a bit cheaper.

    I hate the final decision-making of rug-shopping, but am glad just browse without the pressure of buying. You'll do great no matter which you choose!

  2. I vote #2. Also, groupon had a great deal for rugs the other day. I'm not sure if its still on. Might have been for rugs USA. Either way, the website had some great deals and the groupon deal was pretty awesome too! ;)

  3. I love rugs! I think I could do without almost any other decor or furniture in my house but RUGS. :) And I had to grin when I read about you scouring the internet for forever to find the perrrrrrfect whatever...I do the same thing. I agree with you:: it's a combination of wanting to find the best deal but also getting what you really LIKE as well. Right now I'm trying to find an ottoman for the nursery and it's a never-ending search.

    I really like Rug One + Rug Six! Rug One cuz it's so neutral, but Rug Six because it's super fun and it would really brighten up a room too. You'll have to share a finished photo of your room then once you decide.

  4. Oh so glad to know I'm not the only one who mulls over decision making like this! Price, style, back to price, is it even the right one? etc. etc. etc.

    I vote #1, #2, or #6. Because they're totally alike, you know? Not! ;) #1 seems more your style, but #2 is so much fun and unexpected texture, and #6 is like BRING ON THE COLOR BABY! In a very non-gansta, traditional way of course.

    Another place to try is IKEA ( I have been known to randomly browse their selection because I'm in love with their patterns!

    Remember it's not the end of the world. You'll do great with whatever you choose- pick what you love, and you know you'll love it for what it is, even if it doesn't look "perfect" compared to whatever image you have in your mind. That's what gives a room character- those pops that you don't normally expect!

    {{HUGS}} to you!

  5. I love #1 and #5 :) rugs USA has some really good deals, like 70% off right now! Can't hardly beat that ;)

  6. Well so I totally don't know u but love to follow your blog and I love all your cool ideas... I love #1 rug.... but I don't either lik buying rugs they r so pricey I always like to check home goods don't know if u have a store like that close to your house or not? Good luck....

  7. I've been shopping for rugs too. I'm mostly done but I still really want rug #1 yet. I adore that rug. I think I first spotted it on West Elm. My vote would be rug #1 or #4. I love that Oriental rug look. I do want to warn you though. I bought one like that on Amazon i think? It's an aqua one. On the picture it looked like a rich muted color but in fact it's really bright. i would say maybe look for other pictures of it before you buy it just to be sure it's the right color. If I buy that rug #1 it will replace that aqua one actually.


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