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  If the last thing you're interested in these days is a little maternity fashion, than you can just go ahead and click off of this page.  But if you ARE interested in maternity fashion, than today is your lucky day, because that's what this post is all about!

   I asked a fellow pregnant blogger to help me out with this fashion post, and I'll go ahead and save myself the embarrassment of revealing how long ago it was that I asked her, but hey, I'm posting this before she actually had her baby! So all is well.

Denim top from H & M
- Cardigan is thrifted
Belt from Target

   Alicia blogs over at Beautiful Undefined and one of the first things you will notice about her (by either following her blog or her stunning Instagram) is that she has MASTERED the art of neutrals both in her home decor, and her wardrobe.  Neutrals are everywhere right now and just shout hip, NYC, metro, young and fresh, and I would love to add more of them to my life!  But somehow my closet still just always ends up looking like a rainbow.  But you know what? I've embraced it and decided that for this fashion post, I'll let Alicia show you how to style some of those favorite neutral pieces even during pregnancy, and I'll show you some colorful options. 

- Old Navy Maternity Jeans
White tee from Kohls
- Faux fur vest from Brickyard Buffalo

I asked her for some tips on dressing while pregnant, and it seems she adopts a theory similar to my own....there is really no need to go out and acquire an entire maternity wardrobe.  So many pieces can be layered and used to last throughout your entire pregnancy, and beyond!  Some of Alicia's favorites are flowy tops, tunics, long tees, cardigans and dark-wash jeans. 

White top from H & M
Cardigan from H & M

   But of course we all know that non-maternity duds only work for so long (and even less easily with your third pregnancy)!  And so after the whole hair-band in the button hole trick isn't cutting it anymore, adding a few maternity basics to mix in with your normal wardrobe goes a long way toward stretching your closet to last the whole 9 months (pun intended) without breaking the bank.

(Please notice the lovely photo bomb by my darling daughter)

   A perfect example of making non-maternity items work?  This blue dress.  It was from Old Navy years ago and has been one of my go-to favorites for all three pregnancies!  To find something similar, just look for high-waisted, flowy and stretchy material, and with summer coming there are always countless loose and forgiving dresses around.  You're bound to find something just about anywhere (even on the clearance rack!) as opposed to those expensive maternity stores with limited options.   

   One of my favorite maternity combinations is a loose dress paired with leggings.  You honestly cannot even get much more comfortable that that!  The dress and cardigan are both second-hand, and the leggings were bought a long time ago.  (I am so not a fashion blogger)  But I LOVE the deep rust color of this dress and have found myself turning to it time and time again! Once again, it is not maternity, but high-waisted and stretchy with lots of room and movement.  

   As much of a rainbow as my closet seems to be, I definitely find myself turning to certain colors over and over.  This bright blue cardigan is a favorite and this fun striped dress was found at a garage sale.  I love deep, rich, jewel tones even though I have no idea (nor ever have) what my "official colors" are.  So maybe those are it?  The dress is non-maternity and most likely won't last for the whole pregnancy, but it works for now, with really stretchy side seams. 

  I found this green skirt at a thrift store and while I normally love wearing it, I haven't been brave enough to style it yet this pregnancy.  However, I threw it on for this post because of the rich color, and maybe I will pull it out of the closet more often when the weather gets a little warmer.  Anything with a stretchy waistband and enough length can be pulled up over your bump to appear maternity. And hats are ALWAYS a good thing, as the last thing a pregnant woman feels like spending a lot of time on is her hair.

  Ahh yes, the tunic and pants combo.  Don't you just love it when current styles just happen to also be friendly to expectant mothers?  The top was thrifted from Goodwill and once again, is not maternity.  Just look for a high waist with a tie-back sash or add a belt, and you are good to go! 

  I hope you found this post in some small way helpful.  I know from experience that it can feel so daunting while pregnant to try and figure out creative ways to style the pieces you already have.  But the alternative of investing in an entire new wardrobe that you will only wear for a few months is not appealing either, and so it can be done, I promise!  

   And now I'd love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite maternity (or non) pieces for pregnancy? 

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  1. Shelley, I love your style and your colors! Even though I don't know you in person, I can tell that you just have a vibrant heart and your wardrobe reflects that fun, carefree personality. You're an amazing, beautiful mama- but more than that, you are a woman who shines God's love in so many beautiful ways! <3

  2. Next time I am determined to try harder at this :) I think I bought um, two maternity pieces :) and looking at pictures clearly wore normal clothes way after they should have been left on the shelf! Love this

  3. you are looking as adorable as ever!

  4. This is so much fun. I love seeing that Alicia Lady with her baby bump. She is so great at those neutrals and textures. Just lovely. I like your rainbow selection as well. I am finding that embracing your own style is best. If its not completely "me" I just have learned not to bother.

  5. I so agree. Just embracing whatever style comes naturally to you will always look best anyway!

  6. Fun post!! I was pregnant in Florida during the summer. SO.HOT. But my fav things were non-maternity maxi dresses. Flowy, breezy, and wearable after baby.

  7. I also dress like a rainbow and love her neutrals! Also, loving your pregnancy fashion posts. So helpful...especially as a first timer :)


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