Baby shower blessings.

12:29 PM

  I guess one other positive thing about going overdue is being able to catch up a bit on the sorely neglected blog!  And here I was sure I would never get the pics from my baby shower posted before he arrived.  Silly me.

   My dear sis-in-love Jessi (I feel like I have been mentioning her a lot lately---she does so much for me!!)  threw me a delightful baby shower to celebrate Little Mister and I felt SO blessed.  The third time around you sort of expect that you won't have a shower, but she went above and beyond, (she even drew that darling little fox print!!) and it was WAY too much fun opening up all the sweet little boy clothes.  Everything looked like a mini Randy to me and I just fell more and more in love with this dear little son we are still waiting to meet!

   See what I mean by a mini-Randy?!  That shirt looks almost exactly like one my husband wears.  Be still my heart.  A boy.  Our SON.  I still can hardly believe it!  Most women I know long for the day they will have a daughter to call their own, and I wouldn't trade my two little ladies for anything in the world, but I have always longed for a son.  For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of what he would look like, what personality he might have, what he might grow up to become one day. And now that we are mere moments away from meeting his sweet face, I can hardly believe it's real.  Is this my life?  How did I ever get here?

I feel so unworthy.

  I am so grateful for this girl.  For her friendship and for the gift of sharing two pregnancies together and for the blessing of being part of her family.  I loved what she shared for devotions about that all-too-familiar phrase, "God won't give you more than you can handle."  And I couldn't have agreed more with her when she pointed out the inaccuracy of that statement.  It's simply not true.  People walk down valleys of the shadow of death and roads frought with peril every day that they could never begin to handle on their own.  We don't have what it takes.  That's why we need HIM.  We need to fully rely on Him for everything we need, and that applies to parenting as well.  

   It was so special to have each family member and friend that was able to attend, and such a treat to have my mom there as well!  She had come out to Oregon to help my sister move into their house, and she painted and painted and painted like a trooper.  My girls are so privileged to be able to have grandparents that invest in their lives, and I can't wait for baby boy to get to meet all his family soon!

   Well that's all for now.  Hopefully my next post will be announcing the little man's arrival, but you never know!  In any case at least I will get caught up on this back-log of pictures and posts that are about as overdue as I am. Ha.

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  1. You and Jessi are both glowing! What a lovely shower! I can't wait to hear when baby boy Smucker has come!


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