Letter to my son.

7:57 AM

//psalm 139//

Dear son of mine,

   We are still patiently waiting to meet you.  But how incredible that our Father has already searched us and knows us?

He knows when we sit down. 
He knows when we rise up.
He discerns our thoughts.
He searches out our paths.
He is acquainted with all of our ways.

   Even before I speak a word, He already knows what I will say.  He hems me in before and behind.  Even the night is as bright as day to Him, because with Him, darkness is as light.  

   THIS is the one who formed you.  The same One who created the heavens and the earth.  It is HE who knit you together in my womb and who sees you, even now.  

   How incredible it is that long before I've ever caught a glimpse of your sweet face, He has known your soul, and known it well.  Your frame was not hidden from Him.  In His book your days are already written.  

Yes dear one, without a single doubt, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


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  1. a sweet note..hope your little man gets here soon!


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