2 Months Old.

3:04 PM

  Our little William is 2 months old now, and we are beginning to settle into a new normal around here.  Sort of.  Things have graduated from "keep everyone alive" mode to "actually getting out and going places and doing things and somewhat enjoying ourselves at least some of the time" mode.

   The girls still love him just as fiercely as ever, leaving me in constant awe and wonder as to how my mother managed to keep my younger brother Shawn alive into toddlerhood with Shannon and I eager to "help".  Our scariest moment yet has been when I came upon them in our bedroom, trying to get baby out of his cradle.  Jocelyn was holding him while standing up IN the cradle (which rocks) and I believe, from what I could gather before I interceded, that she was planning to hand him to Charlotte on our bed.  Cue panic attack. This picture is not from that time, but a different one.  I am happy to report they have finally grasped the concept that the cradle is NOT their personal play pen.

   But like I said, things are starting to sort themselves out (sort-of) and we are slowly fumbling our way through to some semblance of a routine.  Unfortunately, after a baby is born I'm always sort of coasting on an adrenaline high for the first while which is great except for the inevitable crash, which of course always comes long after everyone thinks you're doing fine and don't need any help anymore.  Why is that?!?!  Terrible timing, just terrible.

   August was a big month in his little young life.  He got to meet two brand-new cousins, with which I'm sure he will have all kinds of epic adventures.  My children are SO LUCKY to have so many cousins of their age and gender living close by.  What a dream.  My cousins were my best friends growing up.  The times we had together could fill a book and they probably should, although I would need a nanny/cook/maid for that to ever happen.  Any applications for the position can be sent to my email, post haste.  

    He also got to attend a wedding and wear uncomfortable dressy clothes, so I guess he's officially a man now.  Watching my two men in their button down shirts and ties?!  Be still my beating heart.  I am so unbelievably lucky to call them my own.

   All in all, he still is a little dream-boat of a baby.  He sleeps great at night, which has been a lifesaver as two other certain children I know (who shall remain unnamed) are treating the whole nap-thing as a rare concept these days.  It's a total lottery.  You just never know what each day will bring and the days when all three are sleeping in the afternoon I feel like I spend most of my time trying to figure out what kind of magical fairy unicorn dust was sprinkled through our morning routine that made it happen and how can I make it happen again!! And then it's over and I didn't even accomplish much.  So goes life.

   I think God blessed me with an easy baby because his big sisters that have tested the reserves of my patience to its human limits but, regardless!  We are blessed. Also we are getting away for a little while this weekend (taking W along) and let's just say that I'm looking forward to it.

How has your August been?

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