Exciting news!

4:27 PM

   After much thinking, deliberating, and hemming and hawing about it, I decided to just go ahead and do something I have long thought about doing.  A friend and I have taken the plunge, and opened an Etsy shop!

You can find us on Etsy over here.

   And if you want to be in the loop to know about new products being adding to the shop, and any upcoming sales or giveaways, then just follow us on Instagram over here!

   Trust me, there have been moments I have doubted the logic of taking on a project like this right now.  With three small children, I have perhaps never felt busier or more overwhelmed in my life.  And the only family member I mentioned this new endeavor to actually asked me, "Are you insane?"  So needless to say, I have had my doubts.

   But something I am realizing with more and more clarity is that the failure rate for a new endeavor is 100% IF YOU NEVER EVEN TRY.   And life is too short to just sit around thinking and wondering and hoping and dreaming and....that's all.  Never even just TRYING.  Time is a luxury, and we waste it year after year after year, thinking of all the things we'd like to do one day, and of course, never actually doing them.

   So here we are.  With hopeful hearts and nervous excitement, we press forward on a new journey, and I hope you will follow along!

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