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  I am not what you would call a "makeup girl".  No one taught me the art of selecting quality products or how to apply them, and I am as helpless in the makeup aisle surrounded by all of those brands and tools and options as my husband is in the fabric store.  So for a long time,  I just basically avoided the whole realm of makeup mastery and would grab the cheapest thing off the shelf in Target and make it work.

   I never even wore makeup consistently until my late twenties, and even then,  my daily routine would, by some women's standards, barely count as wearing makeup at all.  A little concealer under my eyes, shadow on my lids, gel on my brows, blush and mascara, and some lip gloss if I am feeling extra fancy.  The whole thing wouldn't take much longer than 2 or 3 minutes.

   I could get by with this because I was young and still had that dewey glow to my skin that didn't seem to need anything to help it.  Well.
Enter kids.
Enter sleepless nights.
Enter turning thirty.
   And suddenly I found myself in need of a little help when it came to the skin department.  And while I am still a huge fan of the natural look, my natural look was starting to look a little less "girl-next-door" and a little more "girl-needs-some-sleep".

   And when you find yourself with three kids at 30 years of age and starting to slip into that frump-zone that haunts women's nightmares in their twenties, a little help can go a long way. And while I don't ever desire to become the one who spends an hour in the bathroom applying layers of product to her face,  I do want to learn a little more about affordable, quality, organic beauty products.

   But before we get started with all of that, allow me to clarify.  I can't count the times I've heard someone (usually a guy) say, "I don't like it when women wear makeup".  Well that's perfectly fine, but I think it's because generally, they are envisioning something like this:

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   And I just want you to know, it doesn't have to be like that.  You don't have to give yourself a full on "Madonna" to feel put together.  Makeup is whatever you want it to be.  It doesn't have to be loud and shocking and completely appearance-altering.  My favorite looks always tend to be fresh and natural, just adding a little definition to the contours and facial features without distracting.  More like this:

   I was just beginning to really make an effort to look into natural, organic beauty products and examine more closely what I was putting on my skin when a friend told me about Root pretty.  And I'm so glad she did!  They are a relatively new company, founded in 2013 and (here's the best part) based in Iowa!  I love supporting a company from well...my roots, no pun intended.:)  They are really active on Instagram  which is a huge bonus in my opinion, keeping you in the loop for upcoming sales and especially handy for visual examples of colors and how different products look on someone. 

   As a company, Root Pretty believes that you should only have to put natural, safe, affordable products on your skin.  And because of that, they don't use any harsh toxins, fillers, or artificial dyes in their products!  I also love that their suppliers are all based in the USA, and as much as possible, all of the products are made right here in America.  I haven't always been, but I am becoming much more aware of "shopping small" and supporting local businesses!  And just so you know, this post is not sponsored in ANY WAY by Root Pretty.  I am not an ambassador or receiving any compensation for this. I am just spreading the love, as I was so excited to find them and I love their products!  

  Visit their site and look around...you won't be disappointed!  The products I have tried out so far (and am wearing in the above picture) are: Lightly Golden mineral foundation, Merlot blush, Merlot pretty balm, mascara, gel eyeliner and under-eye brightener.  And if you choose to order, PRETTY please use this link?  You get 10% off your order and I get points in my account to credit toward future purchases.  Such a win/win.  

  And now it's your turn!  I would LOVE to hear tips and tricks from you about some of your favorite products and how you use them.  

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