Maiden voyage

7:43 PM

Is it strange that I feel a little guilty starting a new blog? I have had a xanga site for so long, part of me feels as if I'm betraying an old and faithful friend. Nevertheless, I am here at a new spot, Frame of Mind. Welcome.

Has it really been a year since I was a blushing bride? People warned me that time would fly by, but no one told me that if I blinked, 365 days would go by. What a wonderful year it has been! God has blessed me above and beyond with a wonderful husband who knows and loves me more than I deserve. I so clearly remember that was sunny with a ridiculously blue sky, and a bit of a breeze. I was so giddy getting into my dress...the butterflies were soaring as I freaked out about forgetting my vows, and then everything went smoothly and there we were. Husband and wife. It honestly feels like yesterday.

The transition from life in Iowa to life on the West coast has gone better than I'd hoped it would. People have been nice, weather has been great at times and awful at times, but really, that's no change from Iowa! I've kept myself busy volunteering at a pregnancy center, teaching music, attending a women's Bible study and working part-time at a grocery store. I like to stay busy.

I'm hoping that this new blog will be a fresh start, a clean slate. I have not been writing enough lately, and I'm hoping this blog will inspire me to write more consistently. So there you have it, my first post. More to come. :)

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  1. Welcome to Blogger. It's the best.

  2. Was good to hear from you, and I know you are making a difference whether it seems like it or not!

  3. Thanks Emily, you get the prestige of being the first commenter ever on my new blog! :)

    Anon, thank-you. I can always use the encouragement!


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