Pregnancy center and green thumbs.

6:11 PM

Sometimes I wish I could describe in detail my encounters at the Pregnancy Center, but for the sake of client privacy, I can't. There are times I am stricken completely speechless, like today, with the abrasiveness of a mother toward her daughter, and the situation they are both in. Fifteen and pregnant. No one deserves to start out their life that way, and I'm talking about the baby. But the mother as well, should be able to live her teen years relatively carefree, and that is no longer an option. Whether she chooses life or death, she will be forever changed. A mother, or a haunted soul.

There a moments when I feel so utterly helpless there. I reassure myself that just by going, I am still doing more than what I would be sitting at home on my couch. But that doesn't mean that I wonder if I'm helping make a difference at all or not...

Just moments ago I mowed the lawn, which is an acquired art here in Oregon. It has been raining so much lately, the grass grows like crazy but it is perpetually too wet to mow. So our lawn is in a constant state of near jungle status. I also did a little planting recently, which I am growing more fond of.

The green little shoots that are bravely trying to come up out of the dirt are the tulips I planted (far too late, everyone else has tulips that have been up for months:) and the orchid was from my hubby on Valentine's day.

Can someone tell me how to rotate photos?

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  1. you rock little house wife you!! i adore the potted plants :)


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