The Sky is Crying

10:14 AM

It should come as no surprise that it poured down rain last night and all day today (so far) seeing as how I washed our car yesterday. But the sky is not the only one crying...

I stumbled onto a blog today that wrung my heart and squeezed out teardrops. There is a button at the bottom of my blog which says "I read NieNie". Click on that to go to Stephanie's blog, but I will warn you, be prepared. She is a beautiful woman happily married and with gorgeous children, but what made the biggest impact on me is that she and her husband survived a near-fatal plane crash, and have maintained their love of God and joyful spirits.

What a powerful reminder to find gladness in "whatsoever state I am!" If I ever think I have anything to complain about, I should think again. Also be sure to go back into the archives and check out the family photo shoot in July, 2008.

Speaking of things to be thankful for, no matter how small, on our trip to Salt Lake City I bought this headband, which I love.

I really should go get some profitable things done today. Tuesday is my day off, and I have come to cherish it dearly, but it is far too easy to spend the day lounging and relaxing rather than getting things crossed off my to-do list like I should. If I don't, the laundry/dishes/mess piles higher and higher until it's driving me crazy later in the week when I'm too busy to do anything about it. Thankfully I have a husband who encourages me to get my rest, so I don't have to feel so guilty. :)

Oh and I HAVE done dishes and laundry already today. I'm switching loads in between checking blogs, so it's really not a total waste of time. :)

Cheers to your day, whether rainy or not.

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