Vegetarians and the French

10:27 PM

Worked at the grocery store today...didn't have any strange encounters with anyone today like I sometimes do. Like the time a customer was buying premium beef jerky and when he mentioned it was for his dog, the frugal part of me just couldn't quite grasp it. I, feeling very helpful, asked "Did you find our pet food section?" And the man very indignantly replied, "No. She eats PEOPLE food. I'm a vegetarian." Okaaay...this country girl will just have to chew on that one for a while! (Pun intended:)

Then there is good old *Henry who likes to come in and proposition all the girls. He must be pushing 80 but loves to make comments like, (and I quote) "She's just so cute I just wanna pick her up and take her home!" Settle down there, Henry.

Then there was the older Mennonite lady who came in and when I heard her speak, she had the most distinct French accent I have ever heard a Mennonite have. For that matter, I believe it was the first time I've ever heard a Mennonite with any accent at all other than Dutch! I was so surprised I of course had to be nosy and ask her where she was from. She pleasantly obliged and humored me with a run-down of her life story. Turns out she is from France where she met the wonderful man whom she is still happily married to. He swept her off her feet and back to America where they joined the Mennonites, who she described as "the people she had been looking for her whole life and didn't know they existed." Her joy in life just radiated from her, and I'm sure the accent was a large part of it, but I was completely fascinated by her.

There are so much more, but that's all I have time for today. More later, perhaps.

Goodnight world.

*Name has been changed

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  1. Shelley! I can't believe I'm just finding this. I am so stoked you started this; I already see lots of positives coming from it. :) You just have such a way with writing...I am definitely adding it across the top of my web browser so within one click, I'm here. :) Love these stories about everyday life; nice plants!; love the headband; you expressed very well about the Pregnancy center--keep up your dedication and love, though, and there's no doubt in my mind you are making a difference!; love YOU. :)
    (Can we say Longest Comment Award???)


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