I bring you good tidings....

11:20 PM

Christmas this year will bring joy, peace, goodwill toward men, and some big changes in my life! Randy & I are expecting our first child in December. We are both thrilled.

As I stated in yesterday's post, today is a commemorative day because I have officially reached the 10-week mark, which makes me feel like I am 1/4 of the way done, even though I guess I'm technically not until the 10th week is over. Nevertheless, it is exciting.:)

I was always a little apprehensive that when the day came that I found out I was going to be a mom, I would freak out. Panic would slowly start to set in as I frantically reached the conclusion that I was NOT READY. I am relieved to say, that is not the case. God has seen to it in His many blessings that I feel ready. I am SO excited to be a mom. I have enjoyed life to the fullest so far, traveling the world and falling in love, but I am so ready to hold a precious little child in my arms and call him or her mine.

I wonder who he/she will look more like, me or Randy?

I'd love to launch into stories right about now, but my bed is calling. I've been lucky enough to escape morning sickness thus far, but certainly not FATIGUE. So more details later on the whole "telling the parents and friends" experience. Much laughter, a few shrieks and tears were involved. Moments I'll never forget.

Goodnight world, and goodnight little one.

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  1. I am so happy for you, Shelley. What a wonderful, amazing time in one's life.

  2. congrats!!! I hope you continue to feel good!!!:)-Nikki

  3. Congratulations...so exciting. My baby girl will be 6 months tomorrow. There's something really special about "just the two of us", but marriage gets even better with a baby! ;)

  4. This make me smile. Bless you and the tiny one!! I know you will do well!

  5. ahhhh!! truly--commemorative. :D your excitement was well-captured in this, i think.
    p.s. i feel like i'm commenting all the time on here--just call me a dedicated follower. :D

  6. That is truly exciting news! (Loren let me in on the little secret) Congratulations to you both. Now I remember-- that one day I worked with you, you said no to the caffeine and were unusually fatigued. Awww. :)
    I wish you a happy, healthy pregancy. We will be so sad to lose you at the store.

  7. So happy for you, Shelley!!! :) ~Amy

  8. Thank-you all for your comments--they encourage me! And Lindsay, comment as much as you'd like...I welcome dedicated followers.:)


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