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Had a big long post typed out, but decided to save it for later, because it would go so much better with pictures, and I don't know how to use copyrighted images online legally yet. So if anyone has information regarding using images for your blog, please let me know!

In other news, going home to Iowa and telling my mum about the baby was so fun! I gave her a picture frame that said "Grandchildren make life grand" and in the first two spaces were pictures of Shannon's kids, and in the third space was a scrapbooked card that read, "Coming soon, special delivery!" It's so funny because it took her a while to get it, and when she did, the reaction was quite humorous.

Another reason why it was so satisfying to surprise Mom, is because she NEVER gets surprised. She has a way of always knowing exactly what is going on, and it is very difficult to surprise her! The only other time I came close to genuinely surprising her was on her 50th birthday. I threw a party at church with a lot of family and friends, complete with decorations, a cake and tables set up to form the numbers "5" and "0". I made it all the way until the evening of the party, when she became suspicious that something was "going on". But I still count it as a surprise party.

Telling my friends was great fun as well. My original plan was to buy a t-shirt that said something about a baby, or being pregnant and wear it on the evening we all were going to get together and surprise them. The day of the get together I still didn't have anything, but stopped in a trusty old "Stuff" to see what I could find. Believe it or not, I found a shirt that said, "Due in December". I was so excited! So I wore it that night, disguised under a jacket and scarf, to hang out with the girls and used it to tell them the news.:)

Checking out the ultrasound pics

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!

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