And the weekend begins...

11:47 AM

I shouldn't rub it in, I really shouldn't. But I believe I will. It is Thursday, and my weekend is already beginning! I slept in and had a lovely breakfast of a plain bagel and milk. One half was spread with cream cheese and strawberries, the other half with peanut butter and honey. Mmmm. It tasted even better because the strawberries were FREE, procured by our handy-dandy Win-co coupons. We also got free ice cream, hot dogs, hot dog buns, and tortilla chips. Just in time for camping! Which we will be doing tonight through Sunday.

I love camping. I'm not sure if I got my love of camping from my parents, or my youth group, but somehow, it is there, and there to stay. I don't mind the sweaty, smelliness of less-frequent showers, or the bugs or the chill of the evening. A little sunburn never hurt anyone and I thrive on being outside! My children will be avid campers (whether they like it or not) as I will be a camping Nazi and insist on 1-3 trips each summer. Delight.

The house needs cleaning before we go, and if I get ambitious I might even empty out some mystery meals that have been lurking in the back of our fridge for....honestly I have no idea how long. No wait I do, there's a few things in there from April. Yep. No shame. And I won't even tell you how long I let the chicken marinate before grilling!

However, I was doing laundry which of course gave me a perfect excuse to browse blogs "between loads" and folding, which probably makes my laundry time double, but what can I say, I'm addicted! Oh the lovely blogs out there...maybe I'll post some of my favorites another day.

Friends have been begging for belly pictures, but I'll be honest, there's really not much of one yet! I will try and post some pics soon though, of what I have. I'm warning you though, no adorable bump, just looks like a spare tire of chub. But I will do it for you, my loved ones.

I'm off! Wish us luck fishing, because there is NOTHING like eating freshly caught fish. *mouth waters*

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree on the camping issue! It's a great family activity! We'll probably get in 5-6 camping trips this year!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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