Baby bump beginnings...

9:59 AM

Finally! Something to let me know there is something in there after all.

3 months

4 1/2 months

Entering that awkward phase of not quite fitting into all of my clothes, but not big enough for maternity clothes. So for the time being, I'll just continue to wear all my normal clothes until someone tells me they look ridiculous.

Doctor's appointment today will hopefully put all my fears to rest at not having felt the baby move yet...I get anxious and impatient, and that's probably all that it is.

Never before in my life have I found myself looking forward to winter in the middle of summer! Definitely excited about meeting this little guy/girl! Kinda jealous of everyone I know that is finding out what they're having....opinions people, should you find out or let it be a surprise? Randy heard someone say once that there are few genuine surprises left in this life, because we feel the need to plan everything out, and the surprise of a new baby (gender, size, date it comes, etc) is one of the few, rare HUGE surprises left, so of course we try and plan that all out too. What do you think? I have mixed feelings. We aren't finding out for this one, but I may in the future, I don't know. We'll see.:) In the meantime, my curiosity is multiplying!

Hurry, little one.

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  1. We knew we were having a girl but didn't tell anyone else...we were definitely glad that we knew. Made it so much easier to shop! No need to spend money for boy clothes. Also helped us finalize a name quicker than if we didn't know, I think. But, it's your choice! Happy pregnancy.

  2. Well, here's our opinion... :) We always felt like there was something so amazingly mystical & magical about hearing that announcement of the gender, when the little one made it's first appearance. I don't know how else to explain it but, I wouldn't do it any other way! :) It was such a precious moment!

  3. btw, the "baby bump" is very cute on you!! :)

  4. Here is my humble opinion, even though I'm not pregnant yet, nor have had any kids. When you find out what it is at your doctor appointments, it's a surprise to you anyway! Whether you find out then or later, it's still a welcome surprise. I personally want to find out sooner, just to be able to buy baby clothes/decorate nursery/pick names...

    Your little bump is adorable! =)


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