"A camping we will go..."

9:08 AM

My dear husband, showing off his excellent rowing skills in the small but sturdy raft I snagged for $2 at a garage sale!

When camping with Konrad's you essentially lack for nothing!  They think of everything.

Brandon & Cindy were there too, and Shannon decided to pamper us preggo ladies one day!  She's an angel.  So here we are, looking very pleased with our feet soaking and getting massaged and you'll notice I'm eating something out of a cup...iced cappucino, made by the ever domestic Cindy.  Delight!
Guitar strumming, singing, stories, s'mores....campfires always have been, and always will be a sort of therapy for me.
Of course camping at Trail Bridge wouldn't be camping at Trail Bridge without catching some fish, cleaning them and frying them up over the fire!  Here are Konrad and Brandon hard at work, and I think Benson desperately wants to help, but isn't sure if he wants to get messy. :)

Annika, Cindy, Anna Lee

We never had a shortage of food on this trip!
Kevin & Jean were there too, with their 3 kiddos.

We hiked a hot, difficult hike to this lovely blue pool!  I'd say it was worth it.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...wish summer could last all year long!
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