Little blurb.

8:49 AM

That's what this post will be, a little blurb.  Sorry!

   It seems I never have time for blogging these days....but as I learned in church on Sunday, the phrase, “I just didn’t have the time” is inaccurate.  God gives us all the time we need, we just find ways to waste it and lose it.  Hence, running out of time to do things like spending time with Him.  So I guess I have nothing to blame it on but myself.:)

   It’s just that I’ve been so busy lately, what with work and time with family and friends, and preparing for my brief trip to Iowa this weekend....:)  I was going to keep mum and surprise people there, but seeing as how all the people I would surprise already know, I see no harm in putting it on my blog.  So there you have it, I’ll be in Iowa for a long weekend and hopefully I’ll see you there!

   Turning 25 was bittersweet, as all birthdays usually are for me.  I am torn between a profound sense of gratitude for another lovely year filled with all the blessings God has given me, and a sense of despair that I am not where I think I should be.  I’m not talking geographically, but more my relationship with God, or my compassion for other people, or just my Christian walk in general.  Sometimes I just feel so far behind where I think I should be, and with each birthday it’s like, “Wait, I thought I would be at a much different place by the ripe old age of ____.” 

   Anyways, I’ve been trying not to just mope and complain but actually do something about that this year, so that’s a start I suppose.   I must run to work, hopefully more before I jet off.  Have a lovely day!

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  1. thanks for the little blurb...enjoy hearing about your life. Think maybe it's time for some more pics of your beautiful bump?! =)


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