More sisterhood travels.

12:59 PM

     Started the day with cream in my coffee, and I believe it was spoiled.  Ick.

     This morning started out cool, damp and gray, and coupled with that "just-back-from-vacation slump", I'm finding it difficult to get motivated.  What i would prefer to do, is sit here and revel in the past few days, because perhaps that will make them linger longer....

    I was blessed beyond measure with a FREE TICKET HOME, and was able to see my family and the ya-yas, as I'm taking to calling them because of currently being knee-deep in the book, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  A positively fascinating book so far, that I can hardly put down and has already moved me to tears. Twice.  It is a rare thing when books do that.  Who are the ya-yas? Well, these dear ladies, of course.

  It was a brief, but delightful time, and I will cherish those memories for years and years to come.  We sat around on couches and chairs, coffee cups in hand, almost afraid to dash off for a snack or a quick trip to the loo for fear of missing something important.  Hearts were bared, wisdom and truths shared, emotions shown and time...flown?? I don't know either, but it had to rhyme.

   Each one brings a delightfully different flavor to our group.  Whether it's optimism, humor, encouragement, or a good listening ear, our different strengths and characteristics mix into a savory blend.  It is never boring, and usually very inspiring!

   I think over the past few years we have somehow managed to grow even closer as we've moved (physically) farther apart.  With Jewel in Ohio, Sharon in Indiana, Heidi on the East coast, me on the West, and Loretta, Lindsay and Janene left sandwiched in between, we are a group spread far and near.  But I absolutely love the way that hasn't prevented us from keeping in touch with each other's lives, and constantly seeking opportunities to reunite. 

Floyd & Elaine were kind enough to allow us to crash at their house while they were gone, and we all felt very much at home.

The next day, we enjoyed a gourmet meal at Jeremy & Loretta's, and of course, some more talking, singing, and catching up on each other's lives.

The next day I enjoyed breakfast with Lindsay & Elaine at the family restaurant in Kalona.  The bakery was closed, so no traditional lemon poppy-seed muffin run for me. :(

Note* If I look tired, perhaps it's because I slept through my alarm and got ready in 15 minutes. (I'm blaming it on the baby :)  The food was great, company/conversation was greater, and I left feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to face life, which I suppose was a general theme of my trip!  Spent the rest of the day with the family; played some games, did a little shopping, and went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse with Grandpa's.  I am sad to say, of that whole time, I only have one picture!

   The next day Mom, Janene and I did some shopping and lunch at Chic-fil-A (a must:)  before taking me to the airport in Cedar Rapids.  I warned you it was a whirlwind trip!  If some of you are wondering why I didn't stay longer, it's because my Randy wasn't with me.  :(  It was our first time apart, hence the brief trip.  I was so excited to see him again!  Plus, my parents are coming out next month, so we hope to spend a lot more time together then. 

   All in all, I am SO grateful for the chance to see the Sisterhood one last time before the babies come! (Mine and Retta's) Although I must admit I can HARDLY WAIT to meet this little guy/girl!

Now, to just get motivation to finish up that laundry.....

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  1. AWW! What a Beautiful time you had!!! I love the FRIENDSHIP pictures. :) it's truly a blessing!!!!!!! I think I should read that book!!!!

  2. thanks for the glad it worked out for you to go! visits home are great...I only moved from IA to IN so I get home fairly often, but it's still pretty special!

  3. awesome!!! :) great pictures great ppl!! cant wait to meet him/her baby smucker too:)

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww, Shell, I love this post, and I'm sorry it took me so long to comment. I miss you and your beautiful self and personality. It was SO great to spend some quality time with you again. Love you tons!


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