Kevin &Jessi and their little bundle of joy

1:40 PM

   I had the privilege recently of testing out my new camera and very amateur photography skills on this darling little family!  Jessi is my sister-in-law/dear friend/walking companion/fellow Gilmore Girls addict/listening ear, and she and Kevin are making great parents to little Madison!  I can't wait until our babies can finally meet and get to know each other.  Thanks Jessi, for helping make me feel like such a welcome part of the Smucker family.  Your friendship has helped make the adjustment to living in a new community a whole lot easier!  I love you guys.

   I just couldn't manage to get this little girly to smile and take pictures at the same time!  Like I said, not everyone finds me as amusing as my husband.:)  In spite of the dead-pan expressions, she's still a little doll, and she did a great job.  I had fun, thanks for the practice, guys!

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  1. These are adorable, Shell! Definitely photogenic people, combined with some good photography skills. ;)

  2. Nice Pics! [for a nikon :)] That park in Harrisburg is one of my favorite places to shoot pics. That cool building and long brick wall they have is great. Keep up the good work! And in the evenings the light is just perfect!

  3. good pics...can't wait to see pics of you and your bundle of joy very soon!

  4. Cute blog! I just found you through one of my best friends... Libby Wendland. :) I am a new follower and excited for your family and NEW baby! :) Bless you!
    Ria @ Life as a Wife!


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