Time management.

10:02 AM

  I've been realizing this past week that staying at home has many pros, but there are a few cons as well.  One of those cons would be the lack of a structured schedule.  When you work, you know EXACTLY what time you have to get up to get everything done and yourself out the door in time.  You even know how to shower quickly and efficiently, and throw a lunch together in record time.  You have to, because the clock is ticking and there is a deadline. 

   However, when you have the whole day to be at home, the only one to make a deadline is yourself! (Unless of course, you have appointments) And when you're in the warm, soothing, steaming shower, it's hard to think of reasons important enough to make you hurry.  It's so easy to stumble from bed to the computer, still in your p.j.s, and check out facebook for a "little while".   Well, we all know how THAT goes.  And then you decide to get some breakfast, maybe have your devotions, maybe go on a walk for some exercise...and before you know it, it's time to make lunch!  Where did the morning go?

   Now I had someone tell me that having a baby is going to bring enough structure and schedule to my life, I might as well just enjoy sleeping in as long as I can now.  Which I've sort-of been doing. *blush*  But I'm not so sure it's going to be a pleasant awakening when that little guy/girl gets here!  So I decided that I'm going to be more disciplined.  I made up a tentative schedule yesterday that I'm going to put into effect on Monday.  (Nothing like having a weekend to procrastinate:)  Hopefully it will keep me more accountable to getting some things done, as I have SO many little projects that need to get done before the baby comes! 

   So, now I'm off to make myself something hot to drink, have my devotions and get ready before we leave for the Oregon football game.  And now I'd love to hear from you...any tips/advice on how a stay-at-home mom can structure her day and manage her time well?  I'm open to any suggestions you might have.:)

Have a lovely Saturday!

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  1. Definitely can relate! My husband is home for 3 meals a day, though, which makes a big difference for me. BUT, I can still go from meal to meal without getting much else done, it seems! Besides nursing my babe and taking care of everything else she needs. Anyway, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I make my bed. It's empowering, as you're getting dressed, to see that you've already accomplished something today! Then, have your devotions...you may not have many free moments. After breakfast I clean up the kitchen completely, before doing anything else. Brush my teeth, straighten the rest of the house, and ONLY then do I allow myself any computer time. The rest of the day depends entirely on what's happening that day, but getting myself started like this helps tremendously! A planner also helps, I find that I get a lot more done if I work off of lists. Happy mothering!

  2. I am a stay at home mom with a 7 month old...and let me tell you I can relate to your post! I'd find myself not dressed at 3pm and have NOTHING done. One day of the week I'd tackle EVERYTHING. And I hated that. So, my days sort of look like this...
    Get up when the baby gets up. We eat, play a little, do devos (while he plays on the floor) and an hour later he goes down for a nap. During his 1st nap I workout. If I don't...no workouts that day. Just the way I am. After he wakes up, we take a bath. I DO take my time on this because he's only little once and he loves his bath. If we have nothing to do sometimes bathtime can last up to an hour. Yep. I admit it. But, we are making memories! So round 10ish we are finally dressed and ready for the day. The rest of the day just depends on what we have going on. I try to get supper thought of and started. Pick up and such. Laundry, cleaning, doing nothing. All that happens throughout the day. I find that his 1st nap is the MOST important nap. It sets the tone for the ENTIRE day. So...I do not feel bad about not getting him or myself ready until after his nap. I will say that it took awile to adjust to all of this. When he was 1st born...we hardly did anything. Don't beat yourself up over it. Just take it one day at a time. My newest thing is I sit down 1st thing in the AM (or right before I go to bed) and make a to do list. Then, I mark them off as I go. GREATEST little tool ever!


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