Babymoon bliss

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   34 weeks along and time for a new post!  This time, my excuse is not that I haven't had any time, I've just been a really lazy blogger.
   October 22-26 found Randy and I in British Columbia, on Victoria Island, celebrating our "babymoon".  For those of you that don't know, it's a sort of honeymoon before the baby comes, because there won't be much time for just the two of you when that little bundle of joy arrives!  Not saying there NEVER will be again, just not for a while anyways.  So it's a last chance to get away from normal life and reconnect, and that's just what we did.  It was LOVELY.  I highly recommend a babymoon to any expecting couple!

Randy got us a greal deal on a hotel room and they even upgraded us for free!  It was a two-room suite with a full kitchen.  Here I am playing with our new camera!  Sorry to all you Canon enthusiasts out there, we ended up going with a Nikon.  So far, it's been great!  *Disclaimer* These pictures have not been edited at all.  Straight from the camera to the blog!  I warned you I'm a lazy blogger.

We didn't stay here, but I had to get a pic of this hotel.  Such an old, beautiful building!

One of our first days there was nice weather so we enjoyed walking around down town.

Nothing cuts straight to the heart quite like those blue eyes.  Thank-you Handsome, for whisking me away on a vacation I so badly wanted/needed. I'll never forget these memories.

  Bugs!  We went to a bug zoo where they had lots of different interesting insects.  I feel like I know so much more about bugs now.:)  You could even hold some, and Randy held a tarantula, but I didn't let it get anywhere near me. 

Mmmm, gelato.

   We toured the Buschart Gardens, which weren't in their prime season, but were still very beautiful!  God blessed us that day...we drove up to the gardens and it was cold and raining.  We stopped in at the cafe and bought some coffee and I sent up a quick prayer that God would give us nice weather, and He did!  Didn't have to, but He did.  Then, just as we were heading back to our car, the rain started up again!  God cares about the details, people.

HAD to capture a "cheesy over-the-shoulder-with-the-umbrella" shot.

Randy treated me to breakfast!  He made the wrap, and the poppy-seed bread (with a few bites out of it) is from Starbucks.  Delicious.

Soup is the perfect thing to order when you're at a restaurant that's freezing cold!  Great service, nice atmosphere, wonderful food, but freezing.  Brr.
There's my man, huddled by the fire.:)

   Some other things we enjoyed on the trip:  A museum of British Columbia history, movie on IMAX, swimming, relaxing, and just spending time together.  The more time I spend married to this man, the more I love him!  He makes me laugh, treats me like a princess, and goes out of his way to make life better for me.  I am so blessed.  The thought occurred to me the other day that even if after I have the baby I proceed to do EVERYTHING wrong, and fail miserably as a mom, I've already given this baby such a wonderful gift---a great daddy.  So many children don't have that! 

   Well, that's all for now.  Gotta start figuring out what to make for supper!  Any suggestions?
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  1. Sounds like a great trip. Nice pics. nice camera.

  2. Oh there are so many things to comment on. You look so good in all the pics, such a cute preggo sis-in-law I have. I love the gardens, they look so cool, and the tarantula is just awesome. :)

  3. Sweet-tastic! You, my dear, are looking as gorgeous as ever!

  4. OHHHH... loved the pictures!!! MISS the LOVELY ppl in the photos:( Shelley ditto to what Lindsay said!! Simply beautiful!!! GROSS BUGS and SPIDERS..*Shiver* Randy u are a brave one my friend!:) I cant believe how fast it is going for u, which is a good thing btw!:)That is something we didnt really do and wish we would have! miss yall!

  5. forgot to tell u..GOOD thoughts on the whole mommy failing is a blessing to have that best daddy ever for my kids....not to worry u will be a epic mommy:) Thank God that everyday is a brand new day, and we can start over again if we did fail that day!:)

  6. ah you are just to adorable! Your going to be the most wonderful mom!!! I have much faith in you! miss you!

  7. You will not fail miserably. You are such an inspiring woman filled with love, devotion and the all mighty God. You will succeed in all you do! You radiate with God's will and love!

  8. Love the pics! Especially since they are taken with a Nikon!!! Even after your bundle of love arrives, remember to take time for you as parents.

  9. Thank-you all so much for all the encouragement and kind words! It just makes my day when I get comments.:)

    You bless me!


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