To name a child....

10:25 AM

   Something I have discovered about myself throughout this whole pregnancy/mommy-to-be experience---I am extremely picky when it comes to names. 
   I don't like names that are:

  • Made-up sounding       (Abalina, DeQuincy, McKeisha)
  • Too gender non-specific
  • Too old-fashioned
  • Just weird spellings of regular names   (Emily/Emileigh, Michael/Mykal)
  • Tongue-twisty 

    Having these preferences makes it very difficult to choose names.  Not to mention the fact that I used to think I would only chose names for my child that hardly anyone had.  Turns out this is pretty difficult to do, considering everyone on earth has a name!  Who would've thought? And if you DO find a name that is unusual and not widely-used, it usually falls into the category of names like Apple, Damari, Iyana, Snow, and Yurem and other names that I would not ever choose. 

   I almost put "Too trendy" on the list of dislikes, but then I realized that it really is difficult to determine what that entails.  I never wanted to choose uber-popular names for my child, but then again it just so happens that some names I really like also happen to be popular.  So what do you do? Choose a name you don't like as well JUST for the sake of "going against the flow"? 

    Well enough about names.  In about 2 weeks (give or take:)  we will have had to narrow it down and make a decision on something, so I won't have to surf name sites all day and worry about it anymore.  *Delight*  And warning to all of you non-parents out there..... If you're like me, and think that you have it all figured out and know exactly what you will or will not look for when it comes to names, know this: When it comes right down to it and you actually have a wriggling, squirming baby in your belly that is ENTIRELY dependent upon you for the name that it will carry throughout his/her entire becomes a little more challenging. 

    Also, please don't be offended if I mentioned a name you chose for your child, or just happen to love.  Everyone is different.  Diversity is what makes this world colorful, and I would never wish that we would all have the same opinions/tastes.  I am just stating mine, which I can, because it's my blog.  :)

And thank-you Mom & Dad, for naming me Shelley, and not Fifi or Trixibelle. 

That being said, I'm over and out. 

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  1. Good luck on the name front. We always had a hard time too. In fact, we had a couple that we waited a few hours after birth to finalize because we just felt like we needed to see who this child was. Two more weeks! Enjoy them. As much as I loved having them out and in my arms I also always had a twinge of sorrow over not feeling them in my tummy anymore. Blessings on your birth Shelley!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy these last days before baby comes...I think you're right, when it's all said and done I might actually miss being pregnant.:)

  3. I agree, the name thing is very difficult for us. I have 9 weeks to go and we have NO clue what to possibly name this child. I'm happy for you that your waiting is almost over!


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