Two peas in a pod.

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   Have not done a good job of blogging lately, and I don't have an excuse.  Not very pleased with myself.  But we're getting closer and closer to 2011 and we all know what that means...New Year's resolutions!  Which of course for me always includes writing more.  We'll have to wait and see whether I'm disciplined enough to do it or not with a little baby in my life.

   So, what do I need to catch up on?  Oh, Cindy had her twin boys, back on November 9. :(  I feel so bad it took me so long to mention it on the blog!  They were early, and the tiniest, most precious things you've ever seen.  Adam Joel and Ashton Samuel, weighing 5.6 lbs and 4.7 lbs, respectively. Pictures of the darlings...

  It was scary to hold both, I felt completely handicapped when a blanket fell over one of their little faces...I couldn't do anything!  Holding them felt like holding two blankets...they were just the lightest things!

Such a proud daddy!

Adam on the left, Ashton on the right.  Adam is both the firstborn and a little chunkier. Both so adorable!  Here they are already a couple weeks old.

Looks like he's winding up for a sneeze, but I think it was just a yawn.  What a little sweetie.  Must say, I can't wait to meet my little one!

Here I am at around 37 weeks, I think.  I need to get more updated pics taken, I'm only 6 days away from D-day! Well, the due date anyway, who knows if baby will arrive then or not.  Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue....

   We will be busy with projects today and we have a Christmas dinner tonight.  Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. So cute...both the babies and you! Hope this week/2 weeks goes quickly for you, but that you can take time to enjoy the last few days of just the 2 of you!

  2. Hi Shelley!
    I found your blog a while back & have enjoyed keeping up with you from afar! :) So excited to hear about the upcoming arrival of your little bundle of joy. Blessings!

  3. I keep watching and waiting to hear your news! Hope the baby comes SOON!!!! <3 u!


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