For better or for worse, I love being a mom.

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   Today definitely started off as one of those days.  It was gray and dreary outside with a thin blanket of fog.  The kind of day when you lay in bed, dreading the thought of leaving the warm, fuzzy cocoon of your covers, and wishing you could spend the day there, safe and cozy, staring out the window at nothing in particular.  Alas, it can't stay that way, and I got up.

   Fed the baby, put her in bed, went back to bed.  Got up in time to barely get my breakfast down before feeding her again.  We fell asleep together on the recliner.  Woke up, gave her a bath, dressed her, and she wants to eat again.  Does any other new mom out there feel like all you get done is go from feeding to feeding throughout the day?  Ah well, she's a sweetheart, and she's healthy and growing, so what more could I ask for?

   I've discovered that Jocelyn has already perfected "THE LOOK" and she's not even a teenager yet!  Oh boy.  Here she is giving it to me during her bath.

  That's the look that comes with a tone dripping with sarcasm as she sighs deeply and says, "Oh, MOM."   Somehow, she still looks adorable even with that expression, so I can see that I'm in for a hard time with this one.  How will I say no?
   Another thing she doesn't care for, is getting all dressed up to go to church.  I feel almost guilty making her wear uncomfortable clothes, but it's just too much fun to resist!
 We FINALLY got a picture of the three of us, but it was self-timer and indoors, and a lame picture for a lot of reasons.  Plus, Jocelyn did NOT enjoy it.  Hopefully we will get a better one soon.

 I think for every new mom, those first little smiles are like a sugar rush. You can fly high on those for a while.  It's just so reassuring that she is happy, and enjoying her little life.:)

I love you so, baby of mine.
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  1. Awwwwwww. She's growing up SO fast! So precious.

  2. Awww :) just adorable! I love those pics of "the look." She's already changing so much. Keep posting pics. I enjoy showing her off to my friends. :)

  3. wow, she is not so little anymore! Can't believe I haven't seen her yet! One of these days when we're actually home again and not off on a trip, I wanna stop by and hold her:-) Enjoy every minute with your precious little girl! ~Edna

  4. Edna-You are welcome to come by anytime! We love having visitors. :) And yes, she is growing up very fast!

  5. aww shelley thanks for the updates!!!! she is soo adorable!!!


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