Sleepy Saturdays

10:07 PM

    Yes I'm fully aware that this is Sunday, not Saturday.  But I think God gives us Saturday mornings for the sole reason of preparing us to endure the mad dash of Sunday mornings, and He gives us lazy Sunday afternoons to prepare us for Monday mornings.  Yes, He is an all-knowing and merciful God.  And it just so happened that I had a lovely, relaxing morning yesterday, but no time to post about it until now.  Henceforth, a post about Saturday on Sunday.  Bear with me.

   In case you were wondering, this is what it looks like to wake up to a pure, sweet, slice of sunshine.

   That, my friends, is the face of a person without a care in the world.  That is the look of bliss, because your belly is full and your toes are warm.  Imagine not having a single, cognitive thought other than, "I am loved, and life is good."  Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear.  Feeling completely safe, secure, and satisfied.  I believe that is just a small taste of what Heaven will be like, and I think God gives us babies to remind us of that very thing. 

Daddy loves you, little girl.

Mommy loves you too, baby dear.

    Something else all good Saturday mornings should consist of...a big, comfort food, feel-good breakfast.  No bowl of cereal for me, please.
   Oh yes, and good coffee!  Sleeping in, snuggles, starting the day off good and slow...this is what all Saturdays should look like.   I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Come again soon, sweet Saturday.....
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  1. Aw love the pics! I cant wait to hug and kiss that little face :)

  2. Looks like the perfect Saturday! Such a cute little family! I miss you guys!

  3. i just had a great breakfast this morning too!
    actually i've been craving big breaksfasts at night lately... yum.

  4. check out my blog and subscribe! your little girl is too cute...


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