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   I have been just inspired lately by so many different blogs.  Whether it's photography, fashion, crafts, sewing or design, there are just so many GORgeous things out there...I hardly know where to begin!  Makes me itch to get my sewing machine (yes, I finally have one!) out and get to work! One of my most drool-worthy sites lately is the one, the only, Shabby Apple.  They have modest, fabulous dresses that look easy enough to make--what more could you ask for?

   One of my most drool-worthy sites lately is the one, the only, Shabby Apple.  They have modest, fabulous, vintage-inspired dresses that look easy enough to make--what more could you ask for?  And when I do finally get that beloved sewing machine out and get down to some serious sewing action, one of the FIRST things I'm going to tackle is one of their designs.  I will at least attempt it.  Whether or not I will succeed is yet to be determined.  In the case of failure I can just buy it.  Ha. 

   This might have to be my first project, looks simple enough, and you could wear it all year long, with the addition/subtraction of tights, leggings, etc.  Would love to add this staple to my closet!

And who doesn't need a classic little, black dress when they're preggo?  No one, that's who.

Mmmm, this neckline is just delicious!  Makes me want to do a happy little jig.

Now this model IS doing a happy, little jig, but can you blame her?  I mean seriously, how fun is that dress?

This one is simply breathtaking.  Simple, understated, and yet formal enough to wear to the most elegant affair.  I want one.  I need one.  And that color?! What do you even call that color?  Pure Goodness, maybe....

"Don't mind me, I'm just standing and smiling both quite awkwardly, but this dress is proof you can pull it off quite well if you're wearing something pretty!"

   And don't even get me started on their little girls' dresses!  I mean seriously, can you get any cuter?  Check these babies out.  Get it, babies?

   Just think of all the little things she could keep in those teensy pockets.  The little hair tie that she constantly pulls out of her hair...Barbie's little heels...a couple Cheerios...the possibilities are endless.

   Now this dress basically shouts "Pick me! Pick me!  I'LL be your flowergirl, the best flowergirl EVER!"  Don't you remember when it was basically the highest honor in life to be a little flowergirl in someone's wedding? I do.  And this dress is so cute it will have complete STRANGERS asking Jocelyn to be their flowergirl.  Ha.

Gaaaaa!  I want to make them all! Or eat them.  I'm not sure which, but I'll keep you posted. They're just too stinkin' adorable!

All, I repeat ALL of these images are from the following website, and their property and theirs alone...(can you tell I'm scared of copyright issues?)

Check it out.  Seriously.  DO IT.  You'll be missing out on so veryveryvery much if you don't. 

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  1. Same feelings here...I get so inspired looking at blogs!! It's the sitting down and DOING it that's hard for me. And I have a machine, the knowledge to use it, and a 15 month old to sew for, no excuses! =) Check out fruitloops115 xanga site for more cute dress ideas, she does an amazing job! Be sure to check out her Feb 5th post.

  2. ah love all these dresses. I've been inspired to wear more dresses this year! But props to you for wanting to sew!!!

  3. wow. Very cool! definitely put your sewing machine to work... it'll open up a whole new, fun world! The first one (gray) would be easy to start with. It's a really simple pattern, seriously! great style:)


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