Thrifty, nifty.

10:31 PM

    Don't worry, I'm not even remotely pretending to be a fashion blogger.

   No sir, fashion bloggers have a much better grasp on fashion than I, much sweeter photography skills, and cute little alleys and fields and cool buildings to take their pictures in. Although I DO have the handsome husband who takes the pictures for me.

   As it is, I have my cramped little apartment to take pictures in, because the weather is not conducive to taking them outside.  So you get the rare privilege of seeing our lamp up close and personal, and the charming electrical cords across the floor.

   Regardless, I just had to show off my new hat, which I got for a STEAL of a deal at the grand total of ONE DOLLAR.  And also my new skirt, which I snagged for $1.99.   I think one of life's simplest, purest pleasures is the thrill of a great deal.  Anybody with me?

   Well there you have it, my first fashion post.  Not to be confused with becoming a fashion blogger, which I am not, albeit quite inspired by.  Someday I will have to do my best Sydney impression from The Daybook  who happens to be one of my fashion muses.
    Not that I want to become obsessed with fashion or have it take an improper place in my life, but it is one of my interests, and I, much like with any other hobby, really enjoy putting outfits together, and finding ways to be modest and fashionable, which some people think is impossible in the society we live in today, but really is very possible if you just use a little creativity.  Whew, that was a run-on sentence. 

   Well, must be getting to bed.  Jocelyn and I were both fighting a cold today, and sleep is one of the best remedies.

Have a good night!

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  1. yay thrifting! i got some leather boots (black, to the calf, 2in heel, fab) the other day for a tenner! seriously missed the hunt while living on that little island. hope you and the little missy both get to tip-top condition soon! xoxoxoxme.

  2. ohhh I love the outfit and you are looking simply fab! Yay for sweet cheap clothes!

  3. DUDE. You are like a Mom Version 2.0! You can prolly sniff out a deal at a distance of 300 yard sales! :D You be lookin' grand!

    Bethany is on the hunt for some skirts but she can't find any under $30 so she's gonna make some.


  4. If a bargain was the New World, Shelley would be Christopher Columbus.


  5. your awesome! and i vote for more fashion posts :)

  6. Great analogy Randy :). Shelley, you look so cute, I always think you dress adorably.(The last pose is my fav)


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