Basketball and love.

11:54 PM

    I know, I know, some major blog neglect going on again.  Seems to be happening more and more these days...

   Today started off great!  Jocelyn woke up hungry at 5:30, and instead of going back to sleep after the early morning feeding like she often does, she wanted to be awake.  I know what you're thinking. "Did she just say her morning started great?" But it did, folks, it did.   I propped her up on a pillow in bed with me and I got to have my devotions, right there in bed, with a happy baby beside me.   Now I don't know about you other moms, but often, my devotions are squeezed into little segments throughout a hectic day, or not squeezed in at all, and even though I know devotions don't have an "official time" that they should occur in, for some reason, having them in the morning just really starts your day off right.

   And the day continued to go well, and just be a good time in general.  I ran into town for a few groceries and Jocelyn did great.  I came home and Randy was already home early to catch some more of this March Madness all of us wives-of-basketball-savvy-husbands have come to know and love.  I suppose some wives would really become quite annoyed with their husband kicking back to indulge in game after game, but I'll be honest with you....I enjoy it.  And I'm not just saying that to say the things that a good wife is supposed to say, I really mean it.  I make him food, massage his neck, and encourage this avid basketball watching as if I was just as interested myself.

   And why shouldn't I?  I love having Randy home early, and I love watching him relax and enjoy something that is a passion of his.  And wouldn't we want the same treatment?  I mean, wouldn't we just love it if our husbands actually encouraged us to go shopping?  Buy things?  Get a massage, or do something nice for ourselves?  As a matter of fact, my husband does all of those things.  So in a way, I'm just returning the favor. :)

   Not to mention the fact that in my wedding vows, (which I think should be taken seriously, and not just sweet, romantic niceties that you say to each other at the altar)  I promised to make our house a happy home, and be his En-gedi.  If you aren't sure what that means, it basically means a peaceful, safe oasis, and if you want more info, look it up in the Bible.  And being all of that for my husband includes taking interest and sharing in his passions.  And really girls, it's not so bad if you just give it a try.  I guess I don't really understand when women talk about being "football widows" or complain about March Madness driving them mad.  It really can be fun if you give it a chance.

   And I don't do it just out of love, although that is reason enough.  I do it because really, he does so much for me! And he sacrifices too.  He has an annual tradition with his brother that holds a very special place in his heart---they road trip to some NCAA basketball games.  And this year, he is giving up that trip so that I won't have to be home alone with the baby.  I'm beginning to learn that a happy marriage is not about give and take, but rather give and give.

   Wow, wasn't even planning to go into any of that...anyway.  Whatever your husband/loved one's passions, join them!  You will end up enjoying it yourself, and just delighting in seeing them happy.  It's worth it.

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  1. Good post! Thanks for keeping me company this evening, it was fun analyzing the Gilmore Girls' style with ya and generally inculging in the fascinating drama that is their lives. :)

  2. Right on, Shelley. It's amazing what a difference our attitude can make. This is so good!

  3. Love, love, LOVE it! Good word.

  4. "A happy marriage isn't about give and take, but give and give." I like that. Good reminder for me!


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