Baby's first post.

12:10 PM

   Jocelyn here, posting for Mommy because she never does anymore.  Hmmm, what to write about.  Well, I'm four months old and I'm changing really fast.  I'm still trying valiantly to roll over, but haven't quite mastered that yet, without the help of a downward slope, or a push from Daddy.  Mommy put pigtails in my hair for the first time the other day, which I didn't care for at all.   Something I DO enjoy, on the other hand, is.....

 ...grabbing my toes.  Feet are so fascinating!  I never even knew they existed until a week or two ago, but boy are they fun!  They don't do anything and aren't really useful as far as I can tell, but they are fun toys, so that was nice of God to attach them to the bottom of my legs for entertainment purposes!

 I like playing with Daddy because he makes funny expressions and noises and has this pretty red hair that is fun to look at.  His voice is louder and deeper than mommy's, and so I always know when he comes home, and then we get to play.  One of the best times of my day. 

 I LOVE eating my hands.  They're a little more useful than feet because I can grab my toys now, but their primary function is still a chew-toy, and I'm quite pleased with the arrangement. 

 I like kisses from Mommy, although they're a little confusing to me.  I'm not sure why she kisses me all the time, and I don't really get the point of it, but I endure it because it seems to make her really happy.
 See what I mean?
 Ahh, here we go, something that I really enjoy.  My swing is one of my happy places.  It goes back and forth, back and forth, and classical music plays while little teddy bears dangle above my head.  Best invention EVER!  I don't know why Mommy and Daddy don't have one, they're really missing out.  Grandma Smucker found this swing for me, and boy am I glad she did.   It's so relaxing, I can just lay back, watch the world around me, and think about theology and psychology and stuff like that while Mommy putters around the house.  What DOES she do all day anyway?

   Well I have to go now.  I get to go over to Grandma Smucker's house soon because Mommy is going to the doctor.  I love Grandma's house, it has more windows than ours and always smells nice.  But I sure hope Mommy doesn't stay away too long because I do need to eat, after all.  And I would kinda miss her too.  After all, she IS my mommy, and she's pretty crazy over me, so it's hard not to love her back. 

Oops, here she comes now! Don't want her to catch me doing this, or she'll just make me take over her blog, and I'm far too busy for that.  Toes to grab, fingers to chew, diapers to fill...busy, busy, busy.

This is Jocelyn Kate, over and out.
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  1. :) so cute


  2. Shelley, (oops I mean Jocelyn ;)), you are sooo funny! LOVE IT!

  3. LOL......To cute Jocelyn! Appears you have inherited your mommy's talent for writing! ;P

    And YES, toes are really fun!

    Much love from Iowa!


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