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   Let's see if I can crank out a new post before baby's next feeding...because honestly, this poor blog has been so neglected I'm afraid it's going to take some making up for it to forgive me.

    April 8th-11th found us out at the coast, for 3 very special occasions.  Randy's birthday, our 2nd anniversary, and baby's First Vacation!  :)  Hopefully many more to come on all three counts.  It was a little windy and cold, which is to be expected at the Oregon coast in the spring, but it was still beautiful, and we had a lovely time. 

 The beach was within walking distance from our motel, so we enjoyed walking along this boardwalk and looking out over the ocean.

 Someone's excited. :)
 Someone's bored. :)

   We found this sweet little shop where you could purchase pottery, paint it, and have it shipped to your home.  What a great idea!  And the owner had a daughter with leukemia and was fulfilling her daughter's wish to "Just live by the sea and paint pottery."   So touching.

I'll have to show a picture of the end product later, you can't see it very well here. 

The coast.  Always rugged, always beautiful.

Mr. Handsome. 

   Some other things that have kept me busy lately:
  • Bible study
  • Basketball games
  • Trip to the coast with friends
  • Surgery
   You heard me right, surgery.  No worries, it wasn't anything major.  I've just learned a few things through this whole "having-a-baby" adventure, and what I know now, is that if they stitch you up and send you home without ever checking up on you, they're doing something wrong.  Moving on.

   The surgery was on Monday, and I was pretty nervous, but honestly I was most worried about Jocelyn.  Usually she refuses a bottle, and I was just really hoping it wouldn't be an awful day for her.  Turns out, the anesthesiologist assured me that I could nurse her immediately afterwards, and so I only missed one feeding, and she drank her bottle down for Grandma Bonnie without blinking an eye.  I was SO relieved.

   Surgery itself was a breeze.  Honestly, I can say it was actually kind of fun!  As they hooked me up to an IV and monitors, they made small talk and were all super friendly and nice.  Then they wheeled me into the operating room, and we were all chatting and laughing like we were at a high tea, rather than, well....in an operating room.  I thought I dozed off for a minute or two because of the drugs kicking in, and I asked if it was ok if I had a drink before surgery and the nurse said, "Didn't I tell you? You're all done.  You're in the recovery room."  What?! Best feeling EVER!

   Later they told me that while I was coming to, (and still quite out of it, as I don't remember ANY of this) the doctor mentioned my baby being born on December 10, and I corrected him, saying she was born on the 20th, and then went on to lament how badly I felt for having her so close to Christmas, and how that's not a fun birthday for a kid to have.  Then I gushed about how FUN surgery was, saying it was "more like a spa!"  And then the nurse offered me apple juice or water, and I said, "Yes, I'd like an apple and water. "  I do actually remember saying that.  It was the craziest feeling, being all loopy and woozy and frankly, euphoric.  I was flying high the rest of the day.  I can see why people get addicted to the stuff.

   The next day I think I experienced a downer from it all, and I was moody and slightly depressed, in spite of the sunshine and gorgeous weather.  I'm just glad it's all behind me, and we can work on getting Jocelyn back onto schedule.  To those I asked to pray, thanks so much!  I felt the prayers, and I'm convinced it's what made the difference for Jocelyn, and the reason she drank her bottle so well.

In other news, I am grateful:
   But then that makes sense when one has so much to be grateful for.  Grateful for two, splendid years with my best friend, confidante and lover.  There are so many different ways that he enriches my life and makes my future one to look forward to.  And even if today was my last day, I would have lived such a rich, full life.   Oh, and we make sweet babies.  

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  1. All I have to say is this makes me VERY excited for may n to be able to see y'all in PERSON!!!! :) *sigh* oh how I love that OR coast:) looks like a wonderful time!

  2. That last picture is too precious.

  3. Thanks, Jessi! Can't wait to see you too, Deb. :)


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