Yellow spring, it's nice to meet ya!

12:56 PM

    Not one of my more clever titles, I will admit.  The cheesiness is probably due to the cabin fever.  Or the spring-teases-us-with-a-nice-day-and-then-goes-away-again fever.  Or SCCM syndrome.  (sick child = crazy mommy)  Blame it on whatever you want, that's the title of this post, because after all, there is a lot of yellow in it.

   So the other day, it was an unusually beautiful spring day, so I tapped into my inner Sydney and decided to go on a walk to the park and take outfit pictures.  Little girls love dressing up and parading around, and I guess it's something you never really grow out of.  I hope Jocelyn enjoys it, because I'm already dragging her into it with me, poor thing.  Pictures coming sometime in the near future of my new Downeast Basics dress!

   It really was a lovely day.  I like to call it the first day of spring, even though it wasn't, technically.  But it was the first day I went for a walk and got hot, so that's the first day of spring in my book.  The rest of you can call it as you like.

(Cardigan and shorts-thrifted; tank top-Forever 21; shoes-DSW; watch-American Eagle, headband-can't remember.

 "I'll just taste my fingers here while mommy makes me sit through pictures."

 *Nom-nom-nom* "Mmmm, tastes like chicken!"
"Are we almost done yet?  I'm kinda catching a cold here that you won't know about for a few days and then you'll feel like a terrible mommy so it's probably best we go home soon."

 "I hate pictures!  I hate dresses!  I hate spring!"  (Dress-Children's Place; headband-made by Jessi)

 "Now THIS is my happy place.  Warm in bed with two fingers in my mouth."

 "SEE, now I'm sick. And it's probably your fault Mom."

"But you're just so hard to stay mad at!"

 Sick or well, rain or shine, we love going on walks, although in this picture it looks like I enjoy it a considerable amount more than she does....

   In other news, I think Jocelyn is giving me her cold.  So we're even.  Blech.  I just hope we get over these colds soon, and it doesn't hinder us from enjoying our weekend at the coast!!  A little mini vaca for Randy's birthday/our anniversary.  Can't wait.  

   Here's hoping spring comes to STAY soon, and summer comes even faster. 

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  1. cute cute outfit :) both you and little jocelyn

  2. aww love the shoes! and the whole outfit for that matter...your adorable which is half the reason im sure that your child is a doll as well!!! 2 thumbs up for this post!

  3. Hey! I've popped in here often but don't comment nearly as often! But my sisters and I were talking about you the other day and just saying how much we're inspired by you... By your beautiful heart, by your great sense of fashion, by your unselfish mindset of the "basketball un-widow"... and much more! You really portray Jesus through your blog, and such an inspiring view of womanhood and mothering! Thank you so much for what you give and offer! ♥ ~ clarita

  4. All of you, thanks so much for the kind words! Your comments just made my day.:)

    Clarita--right back at you! I am constantly blown away by your interior decorating, and the way you make your home such a haven. I hope to do the same! And I also read your blog often, (in spite of my lack of comments) and find it so inspiring and refreshing!

    Thanks so much for the encrouragement, it is because of input like yours that makes me feel like this blog is "worth it" and not just an outlet for my ramblings.


  5. You are hilarious! Love your blog! GOD BLESS! P.S. I am only 12 days late!=)


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