Tea time.

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   My apologies.  I realize that I have been slacking terribly on blogging as of late, but I fear I'm beginning to start off every post saying that, so I'll move right along.

   A couple of weeks ago we threw a surprise birthday tea party for Randy's mom.  I must say, it was a lot of fun.  We actually pulled it off without her finding out ahead of time, too!  Kudos to us. 

(Clockwise from left) Jocelyn, Bonnie, Jessi, Madison, me.

   I had a lot of fun rounding up all these old pictures.:)  It was also fascinating to see how Randy looked more like his dad than I had realized, and some of the old clothes they wore have totally come back in style!


      It was so fun to do this for Bonnie, because she has done so much for me (and everyone else she knows for that matter).  She is such a generous, giving person, and has helped me feel so much more at home here. It was high time that she get treated to some pampering!  Jessi and I decorated, Rachel and Rita served the tea, and all of the guests brought delightful plates of food and so the whole thing came together fairly easily.  Now, if only every Monday held a tea party and fancy dresses.....

    In other news...I am falling in love.  A love affair with online shopping.  Throughout the day, I think about the items I'm hoping to buy, and wishing desperately that they would go on sale.  I go about my daily duties, gravitating back to the computer time and time again to check out different sites, new arrivals, clearance items, daily deals...you name it, I look at it. 

   This would be quite the unhealthy habit if I was an impulsive buyer.  Fortunately, I am not.   If anything I err on the side of mulling over something way too long, trying to decide between colors or styles, second-guessing my decisions and re-examining my need for it over and over.   The trouble with that is that by the time I finally decide to buy it, it is no longer available in my size.  This was the case with the Downeast Basics Spring Retreat dress  which I wanted immediately upon sighting, but took too long to decide, and lo, it was gone.  Tragedy.

   It was because of my obsessive/compulsive site checking that I happened to see they restocked the dress, and I quickly nabbed one up in my size.  The very next day they were sold out again.  So I guess sometimes it pays to be impulsive.  How do I love thee, online shopping? Let me count the ways.....

    But there are several reasons why online shopping is so appealing.  There's the obvious:  You don't have to leave your house.  You can do it in your pajamas, bathrobe, or nothing at all, if for some strange reason the fancy strikes you.  No searching for a parking spot, no crowds, no lines, no person in front of you whose credit card isn't working.  No carting your baby in and out, trying to rush to town and back in between feedings, or dealing with a diaper blow-out in the middle of it all. 

   All of these reasons are obvious, but one of the less obvious that further endears online shopping to my heart is the fact that it comes in the mail.  When you buy something in the store, you walk out with the bag, and sometimes you're thrilled about what you just purchased, but sometimes all you can think about is the money you just parted with.  But when it comes in the MAIL...first of all, when ISN'T getting mail delightful?  I just love finding that little package in the mailbox, or seeing that delivery truck pull up in our drive.  Cheap thrills. 

   Also, by the time the product arrives, the money you spent on it is but a faint memory, and it almost feels like getting a present.  Among other recent purchases, I found a bag on sale over at Spool no. 72 that's big enough to double as a diaper bag, and will function nicely as a carry-on when traveling.  Coupling the sale with a $10 gift card, it came to a steal of a deal.:) Lovin' it. 

   Oh, and the best part of it all?  I have a husband who encourages me to shop.  You heard me right, encourages.  And sometimes he's the one telling me I need to buy new things, and not second-hand shop all the time.  Every woman's dream, right there. 

Well folks, that's all for now!  Time for bed.

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  1. YAY for hubbies who encourage shopping!!!

  2. I love online shopping too, and Chris also encourages me to shop for myself, how sweet are they :) This is random but I love the Norma Kamali line at Walmart! I saw this dress the other day online, and it was sold out. However, I went to the Walmart store and they had a ton! It is 20 bucks and so cute! I thought of you, it seems like something you might also like!!! :)

  3. Thanks for the tip Marci, those dresses are adorable! I may have to add one to my "get-next" list. :)

  4. online shopping how I love thee... :)


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