Beach babes.

3:15 PM

Florida, Part Two.  

   While in Florida, I proposed the idea (o.k. so I insisted, and would've taken them kicking and screaming if they wouldn't have agreed)  that we take these little babies out to the beach and capture their little gorgeous selves in photos.
   When you become a mother (or if you are one),  you'll understand this obsessive, impulsive urge to dress up your child in uncomfortable clothes and take pictures of him/her.  They change so fast and each day they wake up seeming a little different than the day before, and if there isn't a camera permanently glued to your eyeball, snapping dozens of pictures as you clamber around after them, you feel like you're missing something.  It's much like that panicky feeling when you're leaving on a trip and you just know you're forgetting something.  Not a pleasant feeling.

    Meet Xavier.  The first-born grandchild of the Steve Smucker family, and so far, the only grandson.  He just turned two and can already say just about anything!  He looks a lot like his mommy with captivating blue eyes and fair skin, and is going to become a big brother this year!  He is such a sweet boy with a big personality, and it's going to be so much fun watching him grow up.

   Next up is little Madison, the cutest little bundle of endless energy you ever did see!  Summing her up in two words would have to be, go-getter.   This pretty little lady has no fear, and embraces life with reckless abandon.  She looks just like her daddy, but there's a lot of her mama in her too! I can't wait until her and Jocelyn are old enough to have tea parties and play dress-up, although if they prefer to climb trees and build forts that's fine with me too. :)

   And last but not least, the teeniest of the grandchildren, our very own Jocelyn Kate.  She is the light of our lives and it's hard to remember what life was like without her.  She loves to smile at friends and strangers alike, and I hope she never loses that!  She's got her daddy's eyes, her mama's hair, and her very own smile.  I can't wait to see her personality develop into the person she's going to be, and share in that journey.  I don't want to miss a single moment!

*The pictures of me were taken by Amy Smucker. 

    It was a lot of work taking pictures of those little cherubs, but oh-so-worth it.  We will cherish these captured memories for years to come. Please, oh please, let summer never end....

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