Florida, Part 1.

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 Hurry, hurry, hurry, let's crank this post out while the baby's sleeping!

  Because I was just recently glowing about my daughter's good behavior, I feel the need to confess to you all that Jocelyn hasn't been the greatest the last couple of days.  Not sure if it's teething, or slight constipation as a result of starting solid foods, or the simple fact that she misses vacation as much as her mama.  In any case,  we've had a little Miss Cranky-pants for a couple days.  Oh, and her new favorite thing is waking up in the middle of the night so mommy and daddy can take turns holding her.  Guess that's what I get for being so used to her sleeping through the night for months now, I've taken it for granted! :( That'll show me.  Anyway, I hope we have our old Joce back soon.

   Florida trip, first installment!  Are you excited? You'd better be or else I went to a lot of work for pictures no one wants to see.  Annnnnd we're off!

 Baby's first plane ride!
    She did wonderfully traveling.  I really could not have asked for it to go any better. 

     The first and foremost reason for our trip to Florida was a wedding: Aaron & Amanda (Randy's cousin) Miller's, to be exact.  I was in a rush that morning (big shocker) and left with my camera, but without my camera battery.  :( So alas, I have NO pictures from the beautiful event.  But I stole these three from my sister-in-law Stephanie's facebook.  I will post more when I get more copies from other people. 

   This was one of my FAVORITE moments...the bride and groom sang a song together that he had written.  It was a lovely song with amazing lyrics, their voices blended beautifully, and (best part) they sold copies of a pre-recorded version! Score!
  After the busy-ness of the wedding was past, we enjoyed spending time with family by going to the beach, shopping, playing games and enjoying Busch Gardens one day.  Good times were had by all!

 Baby's first time to the ocean!  (Well, I guess she was at the Oregon coast before, but somehow, since it was so cold, it doesn't seem to count.:)

 Joce, meet Ocean.  Ocean, Joce.  I think they are already forming a fast friendship. :)

   This poor dear has to put up with Mommy and her insufferable love of hats.  (Hopefully if I do it long enough, she will end up loving them too.:)

 Jossie bein' loved on by Grandma & Grandpa

 ...and then of course by cousins Maddi & Za-Za (Xavier)

 ...and Auntie Stephanie.   THIS is why my child is such a crank! She sorely misses being the center of attention!
   One beautiful, hot day, we all went to the park to see some alligators.

 Cousin Solly getting some giggles. :)

 Kevin, Jessi, Madison

 Byran, Amy, Xavier (and one on the way!)
 Caleb, Justin, Joshua, Trevin
 Grandpa Maynard & Grandma Helen
 Steve & Bonnie
Mr. Alligator

 Rick & Connie (Bonnie's twin)

 Xavier turned two while we were there, so we got to help him celebrate!

 He's definitely Byran's son, although he looks even more like his mom!

   Busch Gardens!!! I'm not sure I'll ever lose my love of theme parks.  Maybe when I'm 90.  No, probably not even then. :)

   If I remember right, Joce was being fussy this night so we left to go home, and then spontaneously decided to drive out to the beach, hoping she would fall asleep on the way and we could have a little date.  We got some ice cream and took a walk on the beach in the moonlight.  It was wonderful.

Hmm, this girl doesn't look one bit sleepy to me.....

Mmmm, take me back to Florida.....

There you have it folks, the first installment!  Look for #2 coming soon!

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